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Choose Your Social Groups Wisely

Everyone has that little group that you ‘hang out’ with either in school or just out in public. But are you in a good one or maybe you want a new group of friends?  Here’s what to look out for when deciding to hang out with a different “clique”. Some people call this clique my best friends, or my gang or even my ‘bomb ballies’.

1. Have similar likes
To fit in you will need to have similar likings with the group. If the group likes something you don’t like, you won’t be able to fit in well and just be the quiet one in the back.

2. Is it a good Influence?
Is the group a good influence in your life? If the group is a bunch of people that does drugs and likes to steal, this isn’t the group for you. Find a group that does the right thing and find how to have fun without doing illicit things

3. Knows how to have fun
If the group is always bored it’s not the right one for you. Make sure you find a group that knows how to have fun and make any little thing fun just without doing anything that is wrong. Make sure the group has a few people with a good sense of humor.

4. Group is smart
Make sure that the people in the group are smart people and when I mean smart I don’t mean if they know their ABC’s and their 123. I mean smart in the way that they know how to deal with things and make wise decisions.

Thank you very much for reading. Check out the video portion of this article to see visuals on the tips I mentioned here. Check back next week for another Teen Talk article only with Ambergris Today.

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