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Why Judging People is Wrong

– by Ryan Ancona, Teen Talk Reporter – In this week’s article we will be talking about why judging other people is wrong. I believe everyone is guilty of this at some point of their lives, some more than others. Then there are some people who don’t really realize that they are doing it.

Why is it wrong you may ask? Well the first reason is more common sense. It is wrong because it can hurt the other person’s feelings. Here is an example: there is a girl who instead of wearing usual girly clothes decides to dress with more ‘boyish’ clothes. Probably as soon as other girls see Teen Talk Reporter Ryan Anconaher they would start laughing because she is different. There are a lot of people who will probably argue that she can’t wear boy clothes because she is a girl and that’s not right.

To those people I would like to ask the question why? Why is it that a girl can’t wear boy clothes if she wants to? Who does it hurt or what bad thing will happen if she does this? Well the answer to those questions is NOTHING – it does not affect anyone if a girl would like to wear boy clothes. In my personal opinion, I believe everyone has the right to do, act or look however they want as long as it does not affect other people negatively.

Let’s look at another example that is in the news a lot recently – Miley Cyrus. She recently performed at the MTV Video Music Awards and did a very odd show. I started to notice how people started commenting very crude things about her. Everyone has a right to their opinion as I have a opinion that I didn’t like her show much, but I would never call her the names that people are calling her. Why, you may ask? Because like I said, everyone has a right to do whatever they would like as long as it does not affect anyone negatively. If she would like to behave in that manner she can. Nobody has to watch it; people choose to watch it and it does not hurt or affect anyone, so therefore she isn’t doing anything wrong.

These are one of the many reasons I see judging other people is wrong. No one has a right to control other people’s lives just because they don’t like how they dress, act, look, etc. So think about this the next time you are about to call someone a name because they are different. Also, do what makes you happy no matter what other people think of you. If you want to dress like a pixie fairy or the dark overlord no matter what your age, gender or anything else it’s your choice. Nobody can control you; you are your own person. Do what makes you happy and have a great day!

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