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The Fear of Rejection and Overcoming It

Having a fear of rejection is a very common thing. Nobody likes being rejected so we tend to try and do fewer things that you think would get us rejected. This is a problem because it stops us from doing certain things we want to do. People can get rejected from many things like a job, asking for help, a date, or the scariest – someone you like.

So how do we get over this fear? Well, we must first understand rejection and why it’s so scary. If you think about it, it’s basically just someone telling you,”No.” Nothing too harsh; it’s not like that the word “No” will murder you in your sleep.

I have recently stumbled upon a game that is called Rejection Therapy where the point is to try and get rejected once a day. There is a challenge posted on the website for people to try and do this for 100 days; I am taking up these challenges. I highly recommend trying this because it is a good way to get over your fear of rejection. It will also challenge your brain because you will have to think of a new way to get rejected each day.

Rejection might be scary but if you put yourself to overcome that fear it won’t be so scary the next time. Also try and keep track of the times you get rejected by keeping a calendar or even by making videos of them and posting them to YouTube for other people’s entertainment. Make sure you have fun doing it by asking people some strange and funny requests but don’t go too overboard. For an example, don’t offend anybody when asking a request. The point of the game is to have fun and not to get slapped in the face. Try the game and after you’re finished, tell me if you are still afraid of rejection and how you improved.

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