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Spearfishing Wahoo in Belize

wahoo spearfishing belize

Kevin VanDyke has set an impressive precedent in the realm of sport fishing, potentially becoming the inaugural tourist to engage in free diving and spearfishing of a Wahoo in Belize. In the company of Jodie Leslie and Ricky Luna from Lady Leslie Tours, Kevin and Ricky Luna embarked on a free diving expedition at Lighthouse Reef Atoll, braving depths of approximately 1000 feet. Their endeavor resulted in the capture of 50-pound Wahoos, marking them among the first individuals in both San Pedro and Belize to achieve such a feat.

wahoo spearfishing belize

Documenting the spearfishing of Wahoo is a rare occurrence, primarily due to the inherent challenge of free diving in deep blue waters. Wahoos, being seasonal blue water Pelagic fish, make appearances from October to January and are more commonly captured through line fishing. Kevin and Ricky’s accomplishment stands as a noteworthy achievement, contributing to the evolving narrative of sport fishing in this region.

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