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The Child on the Moon at a Dance

The next time you have a chance to admire a full moon, take a good look at the details on the surface of the moon. Take a look at the shadowy areas and notice the little boy with an axe raised in the air over his shoulders. Do you know how come that little boy got there? No, well let me tell you of this tale told 25 years ago.

This little boy was very disobedient with his parents and with his elders. Not only was he disobedient but also very obnoxious. He would abuse of his brothers and sisters, and he never took his mom seriously. Many a times, he would offend or hurt his mother’s feelings so much that she would cry and lament. For a while she thought it was a curse that she should have such an unruly child. Though his father would use the whip or cane on him, his ruthless ways persisted, and as the days went by he grew intolerable.

Sometimes his mother wished he would get lost, disappear or die. She was so annoyed with him that she often asked God in her prayers to take him away. One certain day on a Good Friday, the little boy picked up his axe and said he was going to the bush. The mother, being a devoted Christian, respected the traditional belief of observing and respecting Good Friday. She thus pleaded to her son not to go to the bush on that day. He laughed at her remarks and ridiculed her Christian philosophies.

“God will punish you,” his mother shouted in anger. “You will be converted into a rock, as hard as your heart is.” The rude little boy paid no attention to his mother’s words and headed towards the bush, if anything, only to prove his mother wrong or to antagonize her. When he got there, he located a nice patch where he could cut some firewood. He lit some green shrubs to create some smoke that would drive the mosquitoes away. As he raised his axe to cut the first piece of wood, he became petrified and turned into a rock. He could not put down his axe and remained motionless. And suddenly he was sucked up by an extra-terrestrial force and taken up to the moon. This was a direct punishment, not only for being disobedient, but also for being rude to his mother..

Take a look at the moon on a clear full moon night. Check out the little boy who is there as a result of his disobedience to his mom. His axe is raised over his shoulders, but he will never move nor return to earth to his mom. He is there awaiting his mother’s forgiveness so that the spell and curse can be broken. Take a look at the moon, and as you do, think about the fate of this little boy, who was very disobedient. This can happen to you too; at least that is the superstition that existed twenty- five years ago.

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