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Welcome Little Yellow Birds

If you have plants or trees at home and you are observant, you have probably noticed that your home has been visited during the month of November by one or two little yellow birds. If you have not observed, well do so. Do not chase or drive away these little yellow birds. In fact you should feel honored and happy that you have been visited. Some kids have the poor habit of shooting these little birds, either with a sling shot or a pellet gun. Again, discourage them from doing so for these little yellow birds are very special.

These little yellow birds are the spirits of some beloved member of your family that has passed away. That is why they only visit your house during the month of November, which is the month dedicated to the souls. For example, if your mother has passed away, she will come to visit your house in the form of a little yellow bird. It could very well be a grandfather, a son or daughter or some other beloved family member. When a person dies, his spirit does not go straight to Heaven. It roams about until it is the right time to be accepted into Heaven. And so they will come to your house to pay you a visit, but in the form of a little yellow bird. You are to love them, respect them, talk to them. They are the spirits of some beloved family member that has died. At least that is what we were told twenty five years ago, and I still see them visiting. When you have such a distinguished visit, pray for them. They need your prayers. It won’t hurt. Pray for your beloved ones that have departed.

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