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Brand Names of the Past

Today I hear the young boys talking about Boxers and Nike, and when you talk about toothpaste you can choose from ten different brands. I wonder how many of the products of yester years still exist in the market today.

Up to two years ago, I used to buy and still enjoy a pepper sauce called “Louisana Pepper Sauce”, though my family prefers Marie Sharp’s hot sauce. I still remember a Creole radio advertisement that said: “Georgie, cungo da Walman pan Albert Street. Walman gah the bess shoes fi all di family.” This was where Belizeans obtained their best locally made shoes. If you wanted a quality and expensive shoe then you went to Bata Store, which mostly dealt with the brand name “Canada”. I do not see “Canada” anymore in Belize, but I do see it in some parts of Mexico.

Home Products of the 60’s:
Body soap- Palmolive and Lifebuoy
Toothpaste- Colgate only
Soft drinks- Bradley’s lemonade and Chavannes lemonade
(5 flavors)
Milk- Milkmaid and Betty
Evaporated milk- Rainbow
Cheese- Dutch Cheese
Laundry soap- a bar of Jabon Azul
Washing soap- Sunlight
Margarine- Blue Band Margarine
Butter- Holland’s Creamery butter
Beer- Charger beer
Imported Beer- Colt 45/Heineken
Rum- white rum
Deodorant- Mum and Yodora cream
Shampoo- same Palmolive
Batteries- Berek
Drinking water- (no brand only well water)

Shoes- Walman’s or Bata
Watches- no brand but from Wishenka
Perfumes- Kuss Kuss and 7 machos
Body powder- Maja and Cuticura
Facial powder- Ponds (any newspapers)
Toilet paper in late 60’s- Andrex
Lipsticks- no brands, only colors
Shirts/pants/underwear- (no brand, all hand sewn)
Sewing machine- Singer
Outboard motors- Johnson
Kerosene refrigerator- Coleman
Kerosene stove- Coleman
Kerosene Iron- Coleman
Paint brushes- Harris

There you have it guys, the products of the 1950’s and early 60’s. A few of them are still around. Next week we’ll appreciate some people and their services to San Pedro 25 years ago, like who repaired the computers.

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