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Why Names Have Changed?

If you look at names of children today, and you compare them to names of 25 years ago, you will see a few obvious differences. First you will see more Spanish names in the past and the tendency to go with English names today. Secondly you will see a change from the traditional and common names to more unique and uncommon names. Thirdly you will see an association of names with popular or renown persons like movie stars and popular singers and figures.

The conclusion is the advent of new and foreign cultures to our land. We are influenced by culture, food, fashion, dance, music, and other forms or art and living. And this is all revealed in our names. The United States is influence by latinos or Hispanics. I wonder if they will also undergo this change of names from John to Juan and from Dorothy to Dorotea?

Here is a look at names of 25 years ago. For boys we have Luis, AntoƱo, Francisco, Pedro, Alberto, Damian, Edwardo, Franco, Ignacio, Horacio, Omar, Ovidio, Liborio,Lucas, Mario, Oscar, Alfredo, Wilfredo, Samuel, Gualberto, Marciano, Hector, Sergio, Orlando, Tomas, Andres, Ernesto, Fernando, and a few more. For girls we have Antonia, Isabel, Berta, Elena, Marta, Sonia, Lupe or Guadalupe, Neydy, Flora, Sofia, Dorita, Adamar, Socorro, Orlinda, Ofelia, Clarita, Gloria, Alma, Silvia, Carmen, Martina, Carla, Celi and Celida, Diana, etc.

Now look at the names of today. For boys we have Andre, Kishan, Mike, Michelle, Wayne, Robin, Derek, Gaven, Gerald, Elvis, Leonard, Jules, Edward, Alfred, Wilfred, Patrick, Tony, Immer, Yasmin, Allan, Ellis, Dennis, Alexander, Rigi, and Arnold. For girls we have Betsy, Pearl, Daisy, Shakira, Siomarie, Thalia, Daniellie, Daniela, Vicki, Tatiana, Dorothy, Amy, Rose, Michelle, Brigit, Alice, Nathalie, Jennifer, Doris, Olive, Tracey, Sherita, Chantal, Ruby, Kim, Mellie, Betsy, Sylvia, etc.

Horacio has changed to Horatio, Carla to Karla, Alberto to Albert, Sandra to Shandra, David to David, Angelita to Angellie, Nocolasa to Nicole, and Margarita to Margaret. Got the point? We are going English due to television and popular renown names on T.V. The names of our ancestors are now a thing of the past. Never again will we see lovely names like Tiburcio, Fausto, Anacleto, Filomena, Gertrudes, Gustavo and Maximiliano. Never again. San Pedro has gone through a revolution of names in just twenty five years.

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