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Area No. 6 – Escalante Subdivision

This is certainly not twenty five years ago, and is one of the few subdivisions that is not named after a Saint. Is there a San Escalante that we can name it after? This area is a full residential area with only a few small businesses operating there.

It must have been about 1995 or 1996 during the first UDP town council administration when Manuel Heredia was Mayor that this area was conceived. The town council negotiated with Mr. Escalante who owned several acres just north of Victoria House. Once permission to use the land for lots was obtained, this project was not advertised for the townspeople to apply for their lots. It was secretly arranged so that those who had close ties with the town council got one. Lots were in high demand and they went like hot cakes. Immediately the area was cleared, subdivided and some infrastructure was installed, including electricity and water.

At the beginning, the building of homes went slowly even though most of the land was good and ready to build on. Only a few areas in Escalante needed refill. Soon a few homes were built and the area looked pretty good so that it incited others to build. There are some real fine houses in the area and residents should feel very proud of a fine job done in the area.

Today Escalante has several apartments and one condominium. There is a school and a church is being built there also by the Seventh Day Adventist Mission. The streets are well kept and the neighborhood is generally clean. Perhaps there is need of a park for the area and a playing ground and sports field would not be a bad idea. Past Mayor Alberto Nuñez has personally told me that there are about six lots that have been reserved for general purposes like the building of a volley/basketball court that would greatly enhance the area. Other open spaces might be used for town council purposes that would serve the general interests of the neighborhood. Good job by the town council in conceiving the subdivision plan and by the residents who have properly developed the area into a place they can be proud of and can call home. Hopefully the present town council will add and improve the area with these sporting facilities. I guess Twenty Five years ago should salute the master planners, the residents who had faith and the Escalantes, who cooperated with the council to make the sixth residential area for San Pedro a success.

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