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Reading the Clouds

There are people today that can read the palm of the hands. There are others who can foretell your future by reading from a deck of cards. Others read the stars and tell us a lot about our lives. Still there are some people who can tell of your personality simply by looking at how you hold your pen and how you write and how you press on the letters and the shape of your letters.

Now it did not take any miraculous powers to read and interpret the clouds, but one thing is for sure and that is you could tell about a person’s mindset and personality depending on how he interpreted clouds. Yes, indeed looking at clouds and interpreting them was a common practice 25 years ago. On your long trips to Belize City by boat, you would spend 6 to 8 hours on board and you would spend many hours on your back, lying down resting and looking at the sky, of course. And there is where the pastime of interpreting the clouds came about. It was a good pastime because it kept you busy and the long ride would seem shorter after you spend a few hours just admiring the clouds.

Yes you could tell of a person’s personality simply by noticing his or her interpretation of the clouds. There were those boys and girls who readily noticed little angels and saints and Jesus the shepherd with a sheep on his shoulders. There you had the religious boys and girls.

However, there were those who only noticed devils, ghosts, men at war and dragons blowing fire and smoke. Then there were the nature lovers who saw dolphins and horses and cats and dogs and a whole barn of friendly animals. Needless to say, there were these guys who saw sexy girls with “guitar shapes” and they noticed people kissing and romancing and even performing acts of sex.

Whether they actually saw those formations on the clouds or only wanted to bring about the topic to insinuate something to someone, is still not too clear in my mind. There were those boys and girls who saw an old man or old woman beating up and physically abusing little children. Those were the abused children themselves. And then there were those boys and girls who looked and looked really hard and could not come up with any formations from the clouds. Those were the children with very poor imagination and not creative in any way. They were the dull, slow learners in school. There were those boys who only noticed scenes involving food, lots of food. Those were the less privileged children who did not have the luxury of fine foods on their tables.

So you see, you see and live your own experiences in life. If you want to see a mean person in someone, that is what you will see. Others will see the generous and kind side of that same person. If you look out through your window and see a wonderful world, it must be because you are satisfied with your life. Your next-door neighbor will open his window and see a miserable day out there because that is his state of mind. But I can tell you one thing, if you have never lain back to look at clouds and make formations with them, you have really missed a fun part of your life. Lie down today and have some fun as we used to have 25 years ago.

– by Angel Nuñez, Columnist

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