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Counting Your Blessings

I might not be around the downtown area during Christmas night to wish you a Merry Christmas as I have done for more than 25 five years, but that does not mean that I won’t have you in my mind and heart and hoping that your life is full and your dreams fulfilled.

I am at home taking care of a beloved one recovering from surgery, but by all means my spirit is high and I hope yours is too. I hope that you do take time to thank God for your blessings, which I hope are bountiful. Do not look at your enemies, but rather at your friends. Do not take time to lament or criticize but rather to count your blessings.

I want to take time in this issue to thank all of you who filled my year with blessings which were so many that they have overshadowed the few shady spots.

Thanks to all my students who have made me feel accepted and part of their lives. Thanks to the teachers and the entire staff, who see and share in the vision of San Pedro High and who have joined me in executing such an honorable yet humble task.

Thanks to my family and relatives who energized me with their love, unity and understanding. Thanks to my many graduates who still comment positive vibes to me about my career as an educator and which continues to impel me to continue into this exciting journey in education.

Thanks to my many friends who have welcomed me in their circle and who have enriched my life with zest and the sparkle of life. Thanks to my two children who have fulfilled their lives and who make me feel accomplished and satisfied. Thanks to my in-laws who have become my true family.

Thanks to all of you who have invited me to offer toasts and to be the emcee for your special events. These too make me feel special in your lives.

Thanks to the PUP who offered me the opportunity to be your leader and representative, but lamentably I could not accept. Thanks to the UDP also for respecting my ideas and giving me your cooperation as far as education and the interests of the youth go. Thanks to the police who have worked very closely with me and for offering their unswerving support.

Thanks to individual students who have excelled and who have helped to exalt the good name and reputation of San Pedro High in sports, academics, culture, music, the arts and sciences as well as in business. Thanks to all the business community for your cooperation in education and for opening your doors of trust and friendship. Thanks to my mechanics who keep me going on wheels.

Thanks to the thieves who have respected my property and have kept me off their wish list. If I have any enemies (I do not know of any), thanks for not retaliating nor hurting me. Thanks to my boss for tolerating me and keeping me on the job. Thanks to all high school principals around the country for their friendship and their sharing.

To all my gringo friends, thanks for accepting me as a Sanpedrano and not trying to change me to a gringo.

I can’t thank the lotto people personally, but I thank you for at least rewarding three persons in San Pedro this year. I know I have missed several, so thanks to you all too. Thanks to Santa Claus for removing the kidney stone, and most of all thanks to God for all the above.

– by Angel Nuñez, Columnist

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