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Diapers, The Good and Bad Sides

I guess you all know what diapers are, right? Well just in case you don’t, they are rectangular pieces of cloth used 25 years ago in place of pampers. Now I know all modern girls can only see the bad side of diapers and the good side of pampers, right? But I am prepared to convince you otherwise.

The good side of diapers is that they are reusable. You wash six or seven of them each day (depending on how shitty your baby is) and you can reuse them.

The bad side of the diapers is that you have to remove the “poop” from the diaper and soak it in separate laundry and then wash. You do end up fondling that “poop” many times.

The good side of diapers is that it is so reusable that you can pass on one set from one child to another.

The good side of diapers is that because it is re-usable, it is much more economical.

The bad side of diapers is that if you do not wash them properly, you can cause skin rashes and infections.

The good side of diapers is that you never run short of them providing you are washing regularly. Stores do run short of pampers.

The good side of diapers (according to the older folks) is that once you fondle your baby’s poop, you get to love him more and he loves you more in return.

The bad side of diapers is that on rainy days your laundry doesn’t dry and you can run short of them. Another bad side of diapers is that sometimes the safety pin opens and pierces your baby on the side. This can be extremely painful.

Was that convincing enough? I think I like diapers. But for those who can only accept the pampers, it is good to know the other side of the coin as was done twenty five years ago.

– by Angel Nuñez, Columnist

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