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Relationships with your EX

Last week Teen Talk Columnist Eni Gonzalez revealed through her inspiring interviews that most teenagers would happily continue a friendly relationship with an ex after breaking up. Not so twenty five years ago. No, no, nooooooooo! Once breaking up, the relationship was not only zero, “but below zero”. In fact here are a few things that happened after that break.

The first thing a girl would do is to return every belonging that had been given to her by her boyfriend. This would include photographs with a dedication at the back, both small photos that fit in a purse or wallet as well as large black and white framed photos. Another item to be returned would be any gifts like rings or earrings, and other items of jewelry, especially the engagement ring. At times she would have larger gifts like a record player and records and these too would be returned. The only thing she would not return would be his kisses, because to return them she would have to kiss him again (and many times). Funny but interesting, girls loved to hide as keepsakes their boyfriend’s handkerchiefs, which were perfumed with his cologne. These too would be returned after a broken relationship.

After breaking she would talk to him no more. She would definitely stop talking to his mother and father. In most cases she would even stop talking with his sisters and brothers. She would stop passing by his house so as not to see him and not to cross word with anyone in his family. That’s why I’m saying the relationship was below zero.

If this custom were to return today with today’s youths it would mean returning to your ex boyfriend and girlfriend the cellular phones, iPods, clothing, teddy bears, jewelry, and perhaps the digital cameras and video recorders. Quite different today with a broken relationship than twenty five years ago.

– by Angel Nuñez, Columnist

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