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Margarito the Midget

No, there were no renowned celebrities, artists, actors etc. twenty five years ago like we have today for the Costa Maya Festival. The few that came around just walked around the village like Mexican Jorge Rivero, American Harrison Ford, and nobody even approached them for an autograph nor a photo, and we never got the opportunity to see them perform.

But there was one celebrity that put on a fine show in San Pedro on the occasion of one of our township celebrations. He is a cute little man, an adult that measures about 30 inches in height and probably weighs about 30 to 35 pounds. He was a midget and a great performer. He could play a tiny guitar, sing, dance and mixed humor in his presentations.

Margarito arrived in San Pedro at the invitation of Mayor Chico Gomez and the town was all excited to see a midget for the first time. And then his show had the crowd off their seats at the Teatro Arenas, present day Jaguar’s Temple. Emceeing that show was easy because Margarito knew how to arouse the crowd, especially with his flirty remarks to the ladies. Oh yes, he loved the ladies!

Other good performers to San Pedro back then were, a man who performed stunts on bicycles, a man who called himself the rubber man, another one who actually chewed light bulbs and swallowed them with a coke, and an acrobat who performed on high stilts. Our local performers were the Sunshine Dancers, Jeffrey Eiley as Michael Jackson and comedian Seferino Coleman.

Oh yes, those were the good old days of looking for entertainment for the villagers, and because there were few international celebrities, even a midget aroused the enthusiasm of the entire village twenty five years ago.

– by Angel Nuñez, Columnist

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