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Fresh Water In The Caribbean Sea? More Strange Happenings.

A few weeks ago, I started on a strange phenomenon, a floating conch, which is not a fable but a really strange happening. And there are more. How many of you have swum in the Caribbean Sea? It is really salty, right? Now tell me if you have ever been swimming and encounter a batch of fresh water 15 or 20 feet underwater. Have you? If you have, you might have considered this a very strange phenomenon. And if you haven’t, you are probable saying, “This guy is nuts or what?”

That is the same thing fishermen said about this particular fisherman who came back from a fishing trip and said that while diving around a patch of coral, he suddenly felt that the water turned cooler and then he tasted fresh water in his mouth. He said that it was not absolutely fresh like rain water, but brackish since it was a mixture of fresh and salt water.

The other fishermen all commented about this and first thought that he was either drunk or crazy. (Let’s call our hero Carlos for argument sake) Carlos argued to his heart content as he genuinely wanted to convince his friends that he was not dreaming or inventing a story. But how do you prove such a story? This story became the laughing stock of most fishermen for some time until eventually other fishermen started commenting that they had also experienced it but were reluctant to reveal such a story for fear of being considered crazy. The fact is that some structures like sink holes or cenotes and blue holes are connected to some water system on the mainland or higher grounds and that system might have a flow of water. So it is very possible that these patches in the sea are connected to some waterway. Don’t discard the idea of this strange phenomenon being true. I will tell you, without a doubt, that I have witnessed while visiting in Dominica in the Caribbean a flow of boiling water shooting right out of the ground ten feet off the beach, rocky beach, of course. It is supposedly connected to a dormant volcano in the area. We went up the volcano and found the strong smell of sulfur in the air and felt the gush of hot air venting out of small holes on the side of the mountain. This strange phenomenon is believable to me because I experienced it. So what about the night fisherman who actually passed the morning star? We’ll talk about that, and don’t you dare laugh, in the upcoming issue of Twenty Five Years Ago.

– by Angel Nuñez, Columnist

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