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Getting Rid Of Rats Was Fun

By Angel Nuñez

Without the use of sophisticated equipment we have seen ways of eliminating houseflies, mosquitoes, and the pigeons with the “Twenty Five Years Ago Formula”. Well, today there is this electronic plug-in that fits on the electrical outlet and emits waves that either chase away the rats, or prevents them from coming in. We did not have this gadget 25 years ago, but we did have rats and mice and occasionally the visit of the famous Charlie Price which came from Belize City and which were big enough to be saddled for the Kentucky Derby. My question is whether these plug-ins work?

Let me take you back 25 years ago for two great methods, one of which is my favorite. First is the mechanical trap that used a piece of cheese for bait and a strong metal spring that snaps, traps and kills any size of rat. These are very effective during the night when these nocturnal rodents roam around the house to socialize, romance and feed. The Chinese still manufacture these rat traps and is used in San Pedro quite extensively and effectively.

But perhaps our favorite method of getting rid of these pestiferous rats back then was with the use of the spear. Was it the same spear used for spearing fish? Yes indeed! Rats like to build their nests and hide in small crevices, behind walls, shelves and closets, the apex of the roof and where the roof meets the wall. There they spend their time building nests, or nurturing their offspring. When they sense that the master is sleeping or away they roam around the kitchen, nibble on your fruits, vegetables and food and even destroy your clothing and textiles to build more nests. Once you spotted them in their hiding place, you sneaked in with your spear and pinch them right on the belly. This way you got rid of the parents and the entire nest. Trust me, for children in a quiet fishing village with not much activity to engage in, hunting and spearing rats and mice was a unique and fun experience.

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