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Nicknames Of The Past

By Angel Nuñez

Do you have a nick name?  Most people have one or even two.  Is there a reason why you got that nickname?  Does it have any significance?  I know even names have significances or meanings, or perhaps you got the name of the saint of that day when you were born.  Okay, I got you thinking, and that is my objective- to get you thinking where your nickname originates.  As you read this column ask your parents or relatives if that was their nickname twenty five years ago.

First I recall a friend who was called Tin Tan.  He was a very humorous guy and at the time there was a famous Mexican comedian and actor named Tin Tan.  Then there was my friend Galento.  I have no idea what that means, and I thought it was his real name for a long time. There was this guy named El Juerito, which means clear skinned.  He truly was white San Pedro standards where most people had a tan, so el Juerito was outstanding. A name that fascinated me was Miguel Paña.  I wonder where he got the nic name Paña which is how creoles call all “latinos” or Spanish people. Do you know who is Zabache? I know that Azabache is the word for a stallion or strong horse.  I wonder where Tio Pil got the nickname Pil? And Dady?  Do you know anyone whose nickname is Chisguete?  I know one. Okay, I know why my dad was called Raf, but I have no idea where one of my uncle got the name Pirin when his real name was Meraldo.  How about Webas?  Where could that name have come from and why? What is the origin of nicknames such as Yan, Merengue, Cabezas, Jush, Tarzan, Toto, Chicho, Shish, Tatun, Yach, Tampuy, Fido Fedo, Dolito, Once, Purush, Rayo, Gaby, Duck, Pinocho, Memo, Coonie, Met, Kinky Head, Round Head, Tacin, Rabi, Corneta, Bun or Bon, Nato, Alux (Alush) or Aluxito (pronounced Alushito), Negash, Bata, Chapin, Kashcan, Papi, Gato, Bosh, Mototole, and Huerta? (I think a Huerta is a garden)

Okay I know you would not have liked being called Soplado by your friends.  I imagine you don’t mind being called Pelon, especially if you had a lot of hair, or being called Calvo, especially if you had very little hair or are bald. Again I know you would not like to have the nickname Estupido, Ladron, Panzas nor macalito.

Then you have Chato, Polo, Wally, Mito, Pepe Jek, and Mista Jek, Where in the world could Ramon be called Moncho?  I know a guy called Macalito.  It was funny how this girl was walking along with some macalitos (ground food almost like potatos), and one of her friends tripped her down and all the macalitos were scattered on the ground.  Okay, so this girl’s boyfriend was nicknamed “Macalito” and then changed to Maqui.  Why is our good friend Milo called Milo?  Do you know his name? Okay we all know Reds, and why too, right? Okay, the real name is Hermenejildo but he was called Jildo.  You would prefer the nickname, right? Now why would our first Mayor Gilberto Gomez be named Chico as everyone knows him? Even Pete is a nickname, you know? Do you know is name?

Before I conclude this column note that all nicknames are for males.  Yes, there were a few nicknames for girls and women, but only a few. My aunt Guadalupe was Lupita, Micaela is Mikey, Manuelita is Nita, and one or two more. So now let’s all go looking for the origin or our nicknames and those of our friends and relatives. Some of your parents’ nicknames are included in the above list of twenty five years ago.

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