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Sports Aficionados of San Pedro Back in the Days

By Angel Nuñez

Today’s article is on people and not on events as I normally do.  It is about people who formed, (some still do) an integral part of our community.  I’ll comment on most of them, and you can also do in our comments, please.  The photo was taken at X’calak, Mexico during one of the visits of our baseball team circa 1965.

Jose Mora – a fisherman then a teacher
Mario Graniel (+) – great center fielder.  Was chairman of the fishing cooperative.
Joe Alamilla (+)- fisherman and very active Lion for many years.
Nando Trejo – self employed as brick maker, hotel employee and later a pilot.  He founded Island Air.
Erlindo “Once” Graniel – fisherman, greatest pitcher ever and home run hitter, tourist guide
Willy Graniel (+)- fisherman, tourist guide, lion member, carnival aficionado, talented fielder and sure hitter.
Pedro Salazar – Manager Fishing Cooperative, Non Athletic but Team Sponsor, President Lions, owner Caribeña Enterprises and Coral Cable Vision

Armando Graniel– fisherman, mason, Best Baseball Catcher ever, owner Graniel’s Construction and Cabinet, Sports promoter.
Baldemar Graniel– fisherman, Lions President, great out fielder and sure hitter, electrician, Mayor San Pedro Town.
Luis “Chato” Nunez (+)- fisherman, businessman, great hitter and third baseman, Councilor San Pedro Town Council

Roberto “Gilly” Gildardo Trejo (+)- fisherman, good batter and fielder, Lion member, hotel handyman
Alfredo Alamilla (+)- Sports enthusiast, fisherman, President Caribeña Fishing Coop, Village Chairman, Lion Member, Tourist Guide, musician/vocalist
Manuel “Junior” Heredia – fisherman, welder, Lion President, Mayor San Pedro Town, Area Rep and Minister of Tourism,
Jairo “Galento” Perez (+)- fisherman all his life, Great baseball catcher,
Alfredito Alamilla (+)- pitcher, fisherman, island mechanic, Lion President, Tourist Guide, musician/vocalist
Dimas Guerrero – fast pitcher & good hitter, fisherman, first gift shop operator, talented painter/sculptor
Severo Castillo (+)- pitcher and coach, fisherman, founder fishing cooperative, sports enthusiast
Guillermo “Mito” Nunez (+)-  Best first baseman ever and home run hitter, hit winning home run in Belize City, fisherman

These are but a few of the prominent men in San Pedro Years Ago.  If you recognize a few others, please comment in the section below.  Hats off to those who set the pace for San Pedro, especially in the area of sports.

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