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Tough Times and Good Times in San Pedro as a Village (Part 2)

By Angel Nuñez

Everyplace you might live in has its tough times and its good times.  Every generation has its tough times and its good times.  Our old San Pedro since it was founded by the Mestizos in 1848 also has had its memorable times- good or bad

GOOD TIMES- KITES:  Absolutely every aspect of the kite flying process was a lot of fun, so much that you will be surprised at the crazy things we did in order to have fun.  It was fun just building a kite- the flat rectangle, the three dimensional box, star, circle, bird, airplane, the fife-foot tiny kite, the giant six-foot kite, to name just a few.  It was fun competing for who could fly the steadiest kite, one that would go to sleep and barely move from right to left.  Then there was the competition on who could raise the highest kite.  What about the singing kite!  We also sent tiny pieces of paper with a message up to the kite by letting it slide up the string. We got to say kudos to the guys who would tie a razor blade onto the tip of the tail and succeeded in cutting the lines of several other kites.  Then we used to tie a small light object like a piece of coconut husk and release it in the sea to let the kite drag the little “boat” to the shoreline.

Once we challenged the kite to drag a coconut husk (boat) from the reef all the way to the shoreline and we succeeded.  You should have seen our excitement!  Got enough on kites?  I am sure other kids did others wonders.  It was fun raising the kite at the beach and taking it home on the back street by casting the line over the electric lines and hoping it would not fall in the process.  The biggest excitement in the 1950’s has got to be when one guy attached a small battery with a flashlight bulb to the tail of his kite and raised it in the night causing a huge commotion about a UFO in the entire village.  When some women were crying the boys were laughing their hearts out. How about that for good times in flying kites Years Ago in San Pedro!  

Tough Times and Good Times in San Pedro as a Village (Part 2)

  Have you ever been in a situation when there was no toilet paper available?  Well these were tough times in the 1950’s because there was no toilet paper.  I mean this is a bit embarrassing to even talk about.  So?  So what?  Whacha mean?  I mean you gotta use something?  So?  So the most common source of toilet paper was regular shop paper or the paper bags used in the stores. These were crumpled several times to make it softer and pliable.  Thank God there were paper bags and no plastic bags like we have today.  People also used any old clothing cut into square pieces.  When you got into a situation in which you did not have time to go home for your paper bags or piece of cloth, then on your way to the public latrine, you picked up any discarded can with a paper label and that did it just perfectly.  Occasionally you got hold of a magazine and there you had a big supply but just pray it was not of the glossy type pages. What about old text books?   Nooooo, because those were like Bibles!  Books were property of the government and were loaned to the children and, of course, they were reusable. Got enough on this issue of toilet paper? I have.  I do not know when, but it must have been like a holiday when the first rolls of toilet paper were finally brought to the Island.

Until next week for more funny issues on good times and tough times many, many Years Ago in San Pedro.

Tough Times and Good Times in San Pedro as a Village (Part 2)


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