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A San Pedro You Can Envy

By Angel Nuñez

If you would ask me what is one thing I would like to change or fix about San Pedro, I would respond that I would like to see a San Pedro that is free of drugs. My friends I am from the Old School, and I can describe a San Pedro that you could envy. Indeed we do have the same beautiful beaches and the same spectacular crystal clear Caribbean Sea and the same amazing reef. We do have the same friendly people, the hardworking and honest people, and the same wonderful culture to enjoy. But the San Pedro that I am talking about is one that was drug free and for the same reason more peaceful and serene and safe.

You might not believe me, and perhaps even laugh, if I tell you that up until I was fifteen years old (1965) nobody ever offered me any kind of non prescribed drugs and I was unaware of their existence in San Pedro. I told you already that I am from the Old School. In my days children of any age could stay late in the streets and parents did not have to worry about some drug pusher attempting to entice them into their evil and pernicious habits. Of course by late I mean seven or  eight in the night because the curfew bell rang at that time.

A San Pedro You Can Envy

Teenagers could go about their fun activities like parties or dances and parents were free from worry as to their wellbeing. Nobody would approach them to offer them drugs. Nobody would snatch their purses. There were no dark and unsafe streets nor areas that were prohibited to any teenager. Teenage ladies could go to a restroom without the fear that some desperate dope user would try to assault them for their money, jewelry or…ooops! I almost said for their cell phones, but those were unheard of. While there was no high school in San Pedro back then, teenagers lived free from bullying, free from violent attacks, and free from the ugly profanity and envy that plagues some of our teenagers today.   

What about the young men? Well, they did have their entertainment and even enjoyed their wines or cocktails. If they got their ‘high’ and suffered a headache or upset stomach, they were escorted home and a good sleep took care of their bad business. But parents did not have to worry about them using drugs and drastically changing their personalities. There was no worry about over dosing and their developing stealing and violent actions to satisfy their vicious caprice.  

Aren’t you convinced that this is a San Pedro that you could truly envy? A safe environment for children, teenagers and students. Parents and teachers lived free from the stress and repercussions of violence and bullying and corruption that result from people imprisoned by drugs. In essence there was a high level of safety, a community that anyone could be proud of.  It is this sense of pride that has prompted Islanders to openly boast: “PROUD TO BE A SANPEDRANO.

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