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Old School vs. New School in San Pedro

By Angel Nuñez

I think I can say, and with pride, that I am from the old school. This old school built me as I am and I am quite proud of it. Though I can accept the new school, I still do have my preferences as it happened or existed Years Ago in San Pedro.

My curfew was the setting sun and the first shadows of the night. I did not have to wait for any siren to be blown to head home in a rush.

I played outside on the streets or beach with my friends, not online. The only game that I played on line or rather with a line was the telephone with a line between two tin cans.

Old School vs. New School in San Pedro

If I did not eat what my mom had cooked that day, I just did not eat. At home we had a menu of two: TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT. Besides, there were no restaurants where I could go to if I did not like mom’s food.

Hand sanitizer did not exist, but you could get your mouth washed out with soap.  

I did not ride a bike until I was twelve years old and went to the city to attend high school. And when I did ride a bike in San Pedro I did not have to have a light, or bell, or brakes. Sometimes we would ride without a rubber tyre around the rim of the wheel.

Today we can google. In my childhood we could only gargle. You had a sore throat, you gargle warm water with some salt.

How do you react today at the sight of a mouse? In the past some people climbed up on a chair or rushed towards it with a stick and tied to kill it.

I grew to become very patient. It took us four to six hours to get to Belize City by boat. Today we complain if the airplane is ten minutes late.

Old School vs. New School in San Pedro

I am not comfortable paying big money for water. I was raised drinking water from a well.  

Today I am expected to take a quick shower. I was raised pouring bucket after bucket of well water over my head and the more I poured, the better it was for it was a form of cleaning up the well.  

Finally for this week, my mom didn’t call my cell; she simply yelled, “Time to come In”.

Old School vs. New School in San Pedro


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