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Old Timers on New Year's Tradition

By Angel Nuñez
Now this is funny but there is something called old timers during the old times. Yes, these are the old people or the married people who lived in the 1950. The teenagers and children in the 1950’s are actually today’s old timers.  Got it?  Well, this being cleared, we can now begin to appreciate the differences.  

The old timers in the old times attended a special dance on New Year’s Eve called ‘El Baile de los Viejos” or the dance for the old people.  Actually it was a special dance held only once a year on this day for all the married couples of the village.  They could not go and would not be accepted to enter the dance for the youngsters.  And similarly teenagers would not be accepted to participate in the ‘Baile de los Viejos’.

Old timers attended their dance usually at Tio Pil (Felipe Paz) residence. They had their own musical group comprised of some of the best guitarists, vocalists and an accordion.  It was the same thing for the youngsters who held their dance at the customary place, Daddy’s Club. At the teenagers’ dance every boy tried his best to stick to his young love. At the ‘Baile de los Viejos’, on the contrary, each man danced with his wife at the beginning and then with his ‘comadre’, ‘prima’, or any woman that would be willing to. (a comadre is a woman who stands as your child’s godmother. A prima is a cousin)

Old Timers on New Year's Tradition

And here is another marked difference between the old timer of the 1950’s and the modern day guys of the 1950’s also. As customary Sanpedranos did not wear shoes.  Now on the New Year’s Eve dance, and because it was a very special party, the old people or the married men made it mandatory that everybody should wear shoes.  Poor guys, but I imagine some of them had to borrow a pair of shoes if they wanted to enter this party. Either that or wait until everybody was ‘high’ and then be able to enter without shoes and not even be noticed. You can also bet your lives that by midnight almost everybody had thrown away their shoes. Trust me, it is not very pleasant to be dancing with blisters on your feet.

Old Timers on New Year's Tradition

Oh yes, both the old timers’ dance and the teenagers’ party had to interrupt at midnight for the midnight mass.  But when both resumed the old people, men and women, had changed their clothing to wear brand new clothing.  The old people (not alive today) danced until sunrise and into the day until about 9 a.m. or until there was nobody with energy to be on their feet. And what about the old timers today?  Do they come even close to the old timers of the 50’s?  You be the judge.

Old Timers on New Year's Tradition

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