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Old Timer or Modern Sanpedrano? Num. 20

By Angel Nuñez

You know you are a modern day Sanpedrano because when you purchase chewing gum you have a lot of brands to choose from. Another thing is that you might be asking for sugar free gum and be prepared to pay over one dollar for a pack of gum.  

YOU KNOW YOU ARE AN OLD TIMER SANPEDRANO because you only had two kinds to choose from and they were Novo gum or PK gum. These were the ultimate gums and considered expensive because they sold for five cents for a small pack of four tablets. The most popular customers for these minty gums were young boys going to visit their fiancées at their homes. A pack of Novo was a customary daily gift to a young lady.

Old Timer or Modern Sanpedrano? Num. 20

You know you are a modern day Sanpedrano if all you know to use when you go fishing is a fishing rod. With that you can keep your line in order without entangling and making a mess of it.   

Not so twenty five years ago. YOU KNOW YOU ARE AN OLD TIME SANPEDRANO if you learned fishing (and still do) with a hand line. At first it was a string line of different grades. The thickest one was about one eighth of an inch thick and with it the fishermen used to catch large barracudas, jewfish, sailfish and even sharks. If you give a rod and reel to an old timer Sanpedrano today, chances are he will not be able to cast it and probably end up entangling the line.

Old Timer or Modern Sanpedrano? Num. 20

Talking about chilly or cold weather, THE OLD TIMER SANPEDRANOS reacted differently to cold weather. Why?  First of all his small thatch house had many gaps which allowed the wind and cold air to penetrate the home making it very cold to sleep.  Secondly, old timers did not have these very furry, warm blankets that we have today. Thirdly, the fishermen who had to do skin diving for fish or lobster did not have any wet suits to protect them from the cold water and air. They dived with a pair of cotton underwear and bare backs, and the only little protection they had was the clattering of teeth, which afforded them a tiny degree of comfort.  Finally there was a lot of vegetation all over the island and village which lowered the temperatures some four or five degrees more than it is today.  

Modern day Sanpedranos enjoy cozy, air tight houses. The folks at home have good insulation and very furry blankets including electric blankets or warm water beds.   

Old Timer or Modern Sanpedrano? Num. 20

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