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The Coming of Radio in Belize

Long before the coming of television to Belize we had the radio. There was one national radio all the way back into the 1950’s and it was the B H B C, the British Honduras Broadcasting Corporation of Belize. As you might already know, British Honduras was the name of our country because it was a British Colony. 

B H B C was a national radio station that transmitted to all parts of the country. Obviously there were favorite personalities and favorite programs. One of the favorite male personalities was Edison Seferino Coleman whose artistic name was Sefe. Coleman was a comedian and did El Retorno de Seferino. He was also a powerful news Anchor. 

A favorite female personality was Lidia Ramirez, who hosted a children’s program, Rincon Infantil. She played the guitar, sang, did stories and riddles and also enabled children and parents to send their requests and greetings. 

The Coming Of Radio in Belize

Female Radio Personality Lidia Ramirez

The Coming Of Radio in Belize

The government operated radio station was not a political radio station .  It was nationalistic and used by everyone.  At one point the name of this station was changed to Radio Belize?  Later on the station was privatized and its name was changed to Love F M.  This still remains the only national station that reaches all corners of Belize.

As the years went on, Belize City saw the addition of more radio stations like Estereo Amor, Kremendala, and Vibes Station, the latter two being political operations. About 16 years ago San Pedro witnessed the coming of its radio station, Reef Radio. During this same interval there was a blossoming of radio stations all over the country- in Cayo, two in Orange Walk, Corozal and Punta Gorda. Only Stann Creek and Belmopan do not boast of a radio station. Among all of these, only Love FM transmits nationwide, just like its parent organization, B H B C. It is difficult to comment on the other radio stations because they do not transmit nationwide and we do not get to listen nor enjoy. This is in a nutshell, the development of radio in Belize.

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