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25 Years Ago

An archive of a series of stories by Angel Nunez about the history of San Pedro, Belize. The writings reflect the life of a small fishing village filled with actual events, customs and culture, social life, successes, and problems all of which made up San Pedro twenty-five years ago.

Things We Take for Granted – Meat

By Angel NuñezThe other day as I was opening a can of corned beef for a quick lunch, I recollected the times when my brother and I used to fight for the rights to

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Lifestyles of San Pedro Differ Much from Today

By Angel NuñezTONS OF WATERWhile Belize City residents depended on government to give them free water which they got from public pumps on the streets, Sanpedranos of yesteryears enjoyed abundance of free water in

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Amazing School Days of Early San Pedro

By Angel Nuñez“School days are the best days of your life.”  This is what most people say but one does not realize it until he is out of school.  Last week I mentioned some

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