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25 Years Ago

An archive of a series of stories by Angel Nunez about the history of San Pedro, Belize. The writings reflect the life of a small fishing village filled with actual events, customs and culture, social life, successes, and problems all of which made up San Pedro twenty-five years ago.

Calm Days Were Horrible in San Pedro

By Angel Nuñez Calm days 25 years ago, or perhaps 50, were taken very much differently than today. Today a calm day is a perfect day with calm seas, the tourists’ delight, a perfect

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San Pedro Islanders Loved Windy Days!

By Angel Nuñez Strong breezy or windy days might cause some measures of discomfort today and for that matter they are disliked.  However I can assure you that windy conditions were loved very much

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A Salute to Louis “Cuz” Sylvestre

by Angel Nunez Everyone got to know Louis Sylvestre especially now that the old football field has been officially named Hon. Louis “Cuz” Sylvestre Sports Field. This honor is well due as this man

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First Retired Couple in San Pedro

By Angel Nuñez Have you ever wondered about how many retired persons there are in San Pedro? And have you ever wondered who the first retired couple to set foot on San Pedro was

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Belize Home Remedies -The Miraculous Herbs

By Angel NuñezLeaves and fruits and bark of trees have forever been sources of medicinal ointments and baths for specific ailments. Today we have the Noni whose fruits are almost a universal cure for

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Old Timers on New Year's Tradition

By Angel NuñezNow this is funny but there is something called old timers during the old times. Yes, these are the old people or the married people who lived in the 1950. The teenagers

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