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Roots of San Pedro – Fido Nuñez

Fido Nuñez is perhaps one of the San Pedro name most known around the world. His name is Wilfrido Nuñez but known to everyone as Fido (pronounced Feedo). He was born to Francisco Nuñez, bother of Cruz Nuñez, the patriarch of the large Nuñez Family in San Pedro. His immediate family consists of Chabby Nuñez Salazar and Wilfrido Nuñez Jr. 

Fido Nuñez commenced his Island life doing the traditional things of the village – fishing, some planting, and coconuts. His dad used to run a small store and early in his life Fido continued the tradition. The first thing Fido did to become recognized in the village was to become the village chairman. His job was to keep the streets and beach clean, repair the village main pier, and to spread and burn the garbage in the designated dump site.

He did that and more and the villagers passed on their complaints to him, as well as asked for government to address local matters. Fido was also appointed a Justice of the Peace and Commissioner of the Supreme Court.

Fido was an avid Carnabalista and people looked forward to his participation in Carnival every year with his high sense of good humor, his sarcasm, and witty remarks. He was always the center of the fun and laughter often criticizing ethnic groups, the lazy, the dishonest, unfaithful men and even thieves. When Fido retired from Carnival, the festival took a dip downward. 

Fido was a founding member of the local chain of hotels known as Coral Beach Hotels. It was then that Fido’s Hotel developed Fido’s entertainment plaza to include bar, restaurant and night club. Fido’s soon became San Pedro No. 1 entertainment spot on the island for international visitors, and for locals as well.

Roots of San Pedro - Fido Nuñez

Thousands of international visitors flocked the Island every year to celebrate Christmas and welcome the New Year. Hand in hand with the development of hotels and the tourism industry, Fido was also instrumental in bringing the cinema to San Pedro and operated for some 25 years Teatro Arenas.

Fido shall be remembered as the village chairman, the owner of Fina’s Store, the founder of Fido’s, the tourism pioneer who encouraged locals to participate, and the man who who brought the world of cinema to San Pedro. He was popular, friendly, caring energetic and a visionary man. He spread his roots deep and left his marks in San Pedro. His legacy is one to be appreciated and respected. For he is indeed “Un Orgullo Sampedrano” (A Pride  of San Pedro)

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