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Diamante Belize to Host Service Industry Appreciation Night

“Let’s stop for a minute to think about how big of an achievement it is to beat out islands like Bora Bora, St. John, Turks and Caicos, and Easter Island for the first (2013) AND second (2014) annual Travelers’ Choice Awards by TripAdvisor!

We understand that this would never have been possible without YOU, the service industry employees!

With that said, we hope you join us in celebrating this achievement on Saturday, July 5 at our Service Industry Appreciation Night! From 9:00PM until 10:00PM, Diamante is giving away draft beer. Yup, you heard correctly: FREE BEER!

Share this with your friends and help us spread the word to any and all friends you have that work in the service industry!

We at Diamante Belize want to thank each and every single one of you for making our island the #1 Island in the world! Bartenders, Waiters, Taxi Drivers, Real Estate Agents… stop in to rock the Palapa and drink some Belikin Draft. It’s Because of ALL OF YOU that we are Numero Uno..Twice! Take a bow and have a beer on us.”

– Diamante Belize

Diamante Belize Hosts Service Industry Appreciation Night

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