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San Pedro AIDS Commission Reports on 2014

With another successful year behind the organization, the San Pedro AIDS Commission is thankful to all the residents and businesses of Ambergris Caye who were very generous towards the group and assisted in their fundraising efforts.

All the efforts of the group’s activities are to raise funds to assist HIV/AIDS patients on the island and to help spread the word on the prevention of the disease. As every year, the San Pedro AIDS Commission remains transparent in their annual financial report by publishing their total expenses for the year.

The San Pedro AIDS Commission 2014 expense report follows:
Medication – $1,081.25
Donation to Patients – $4,107.30
Office Supplies/Expenses – $1,157.50
Education – $2,497.61
Miscellaneous – $947.70.

Total Expenses for 2014: $9,791.36

*Please note that miscellaneous includes expenses during our many events like World AIDS Day and other fundraisers and money is raised through yearly fundraisers like Carnaval Comparsas, AIDS Fair Fundraiser, LobsterFest and by members paying monthly dues.

For further information on the work conducted by the San Pedro AIDS Commission or any assistance rendered to the group, please contact President Felix Ayuso at 663-9922.

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