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Red Cross Encourages Business Listing of Defibrillators

Cardiac Arrhythmia – a sudden irregular heartbeat – can kill! When a person’s heart suddenly starts beating too fast or with a chaotic rhythm, this can lead to death. The heart’s beat must be reset.

In such an emergency, swift action is essential. An Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) –used within the first 3 to 5 minutes after a person collapses can save the person’s life by resetting the heartbeat to a normal rhythm. This means an AED must be visible and accessible.

The Belize Red Cross San – Pedro Branch asks your assistance in developing a list of the Automatic External Defibrillators located on the island. If you, your business or work place has an AED, please let the Red Cross know its location. It could save someone’s life!

Please contact to get your Automatic External Defibrillator on the Red Cross’s Ambergris Caye location list.

The AED locations on Ambergris Caye that the Red Cross is aware of are:

El Secreto Resort North AC, Front Desk Area
Las Terrazas North AC, Front Desk Area
Coco Beach North AC, Front Desk Office
Seascape Villas North AC, Villa #5
El Pescador North AC, Front Desk
Grand Caribe North AC, Front Desk
Dr Daniel Gonzales (Ambergris Hope Clinic) San Pedro Town, Exam Room
Phoenix Hotel & Resort San Pedro Town, Front Desk
Hyperbaric Chamber Air Strip Area, Exam Room
Clinica Los Pinos Manta Ray Street, Exam Room 1
San Pedro Polyclinic Manta Ray Street, Exam Room 3
Dr Lerida Coconut Drive, Office
Corona Del Mar Coconut Drive, Front Desk
Victoria House South AC, Front Desk
SACNW South AC, Guard Office

Please also remember that the Red Cross offers First Aid/CPR training. Write to the email above to contact the San Pedro Branch if you are personally interested in taking this training or own a business and would like to send staff.

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