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Tune in to ICF Referendum Crossfire Tonight

The Rotary Club of Belize in conjunction with the ICJ Referendum Commission and NICH, will be hosting a dynamic crossfire panel discussion on the topic of the Belize Guatemala claim and the question all Belizeans should be asking themselves – Do we or don’t we vote to take this claim to the ICJ via the Referendum on April 10th, 2019.

The goal of this event is to educate the Belizean public on the subject via questions being answered and fact checked by a cross section of panelists that range in age from University students to well informed professionals that have been publicly speaking on the topic from before we got our independence in 1981.

Our Moderator will be Ernesto Vasquez.

The panelists include:
* Fact Checkers:
* Compton Fairweather
* Dylan Vernon

– Yes to the ICJ:
* Jordan Craig
* Melvin Hulse
* Ian Young – UB Student

– No to the ICJ:
* Audrey Matura
* Louis Wade
* Christian Cansino – UB Student

The event is open to the public for attendance at the Bliss in Belize City and will also be aired live on Love TV, Love FM, and Live Streamed via the Rotary Club of Belize Facebook Page from 4:00pm to 6:00pm.

We would also like to acknowledge and sincerely thank our many supporters, including MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), MOE (Ministry of Education), University of Belize, Galen University, RSV Ltd., and BCCI (Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry) for their continued support and assistance to our club and this event.

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