Obituary of Edita Borham

Edita Borham, (nee Vasquez) was born on 16 September, 1931, in what was then the small fishing village of San Pedro, on the island of Ambergris Caye. Her parents were Francisco and Juliana Nunez and she was one of eight children. Her father was a fisherman; life was hard, including having to go through a few deadly hurricanes and food shortages during World War 2. Edita attended the local Roman Catholic Primary School and it was here she first became aware of her faith – so much so that when she finished school she wanted to become a nun. However, her parents encouraged her to make use of her natural talents instead. Consequently, Edita decided to go to Belize City to broaden her horizons as a self taught seamstress.

While working in a hotel, Edita met her future husband, Andrew Borham, known as “Andy”.Andy was an Englishman who had been living and working in Canada and had travelledto Belize partly as an adventure but also because he had a particular interest in Mayan history.They fell in love and in 1956 were married in Belize City. They then went to Canada to maketheir home in British Columbia. There they bought a five acre piece of land and together built a house, raising 3 children, Julie, Cindy and Frank. Edita embraced the Canadian way of life straight away. She learned to cook the traditional food, drive a car and took a course in hairdressing. At home she was industrious; she sewed clothes for the family and enjoyed hobbies such as painting and needlework. She made many friends and never missed attending the local Catholic church.

Obituary of Edita Borham

In 1975, after 19 years in Canada, Edita and the family moved to England to be near Andy’s parents who had become elderly. This was a difficult period for her after having built a happy life in Canada. In 1979, four years later, her own mother became in need of care and so Edita went to Belize on her own to care for her. Edita decided not to return to England; instead Andy and Edita made an arrangement to spend six months of the year together. This suited them both as Andy was able to escape the cold, British winters. In 1988 Edita moved to Cancun, Mexico, where in the same year, her first and only grandchild, Andrew, was born. Edita lived for a total of 31 years in Cancun where she actively and faithfully served God at her local Catholic church, La Sagrada Familia. Edita became part of a movement of devout, Catholic women and was well known for helping people through prayers and charitable deeds. Her family continued to visit regularly. Edita certainly lived a very fulfilling life in Cancun.

In 1996, Andy passed away. As Edita advanced in age, she developed many health problems, including osteoporosis. In August, 2019, she broke her hip and had to have a hip replacement. Although she made a full recovery, it was clear she could no longer live independently and so in December, 2019, Edita came to England to live with her daughter, Cindy. Unfortunately, the pandemic broke out and shortly after Edita’s arrival to the UK, the country went into lockdown. Edita was shielded from the virus and in spite of the circumstances, she had a happy year lovingly cared for by her daughter and in the company of her extended family. In December, 2020 Edita suffered a stroke and was admitted to hospital for emergency treatment. Sadly, during her stay in hospital, she contracted Covid 19 and passed away on 4 Feb, 2021, in her 90th year.

Edita will always be remembered for her tremendous, unwavering faith, her generous, kind nature and unselfish love she showed towards people and her family. She was beloved and will
be dearly missed. Edita is survived by her children, Julie, Cindy and Frank; her grandson,
 Andrew; her sons-in-law, Steve and Paul and her sister, Lumanda.

Obituary of Edita Borham

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