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Dorian's Angels at Legends Burger House

Dorian’s Angels at Legends Burger House

    We had heard many good things about Legends Burger House, mainly that their burgers were the best on the island! So we had to pay a visit to the island’s first burger joint which was getting so much rave reviews and excellent word of mouth recommendations. With a menu strictly dedicated to burgers, Legends Burger House can’t go wrong in creating the perfect burger to suit everybody’s personal taste.

    The rest of the staff had to tag along with Dorian’s Angels this week, as they were not going to allow the girls to have this experience all to themselves. What Legends will boast is that your experience will be a memorable one and not forgotten soon. Legends’ top priority is to ensure that its customers truly get a feel for great American food with even better service!

    Last year Tyler and Jewels decided to transform their concept of Sweet Basil to what they missed the most from back home, a great burger place for the island. They put all of their favorite burgers on the menu and added some new ones as well. The restaurant was redecorated with memorabilia from all over the world and gave it a “PUNCH” of color.

    Getting down to the nitty gritty of things, the burgers at Legends are Amazing! With twelve burgers to choose from you are bound to fall in love with one. Going through the menu, we don’t see why not to try all of them, even the “Bob Marley” veggie burger – and none of us are vegetarians. LOL! Plus you can add or substitute any ingredients you like to create the perfect burger for your taste.

    For starters, we munched down on some excellent Garlic Fries, Boneless Buffalo Chicken Wings and Corndog Bites; perfect starters to get the appetite going. Appropriately named after famous Pop Culture Icons, each burger at Legends stands out with a unique taste. How do these sound to you: the Jerry Garcia – an old school burger that combines Swiss cheese and grilled mushrooms; the Bob Barker – a juicy burger stacked with a fried egg, bacon and American cheese; the Evil Knievel – with spicy mayo, jalapeños and American cheese is an adrenaline pumping mouthful; the Rocky Balboa – with grilled onions, bell peppers and mozzarella cheese; and for the non-meat lovers there is the Colonel Sanders – a deep fried chicken breast served with lettuce, tomato and onion. HUNGRY YET!

    To top off our experience at Legends we dared to take their King Kong Challenge. What is it, you ask? It’s their 5.9478lb. meal challenge. So why do they call it the King Kong Challenge? Because only King Kong can finish this Gigantic Burger. Here is what we had to chow down:

The Burger

* 8 x 5oz. Legends Burger Patties (cooked medium)

* 8 x slices of American Cheese

* 8 x slices of Bacon

* 3 x Eggs (fried)

* Lettuce, 3oz. Grilled onions, 2 x Tomato slices

The Fries

* 1.5lbs of French Fries

The Topper

* A Legend-battered Corn Dog

    The challenger must eat all of this in its entirety within 30 minutes in order to have their picture placed on the Wall of Fame and the meal is free. Currently, nobody has completed the King Kong Challenge and neither could we – and it was two of us taking on that monster. Needless to say it was delicious. A delectable experience we have been talking about all week at the office and we certainly recommend it to everyone.

    The current champion for the first version of the King Kong Burger (which has now been retired) is Wade the Gringo with the last bite clocking in at 24 minutes and 17 seconds. All challengers who fail to complete the challenge will have their picture placed on the Wall of Shame, located in the restroom hallway.

    Legends Burger House has a cozy and very inviting environment with outside dining in their spacious verandah that is both cool and relaxing. The walls of the restaurant are covered in memorabilia, including throw-back posters, license plates and bumper stickers. In fact, they encourage their customers to take a piece of history from their hometown to add to the decor! Stickers, posters, hats, t-shirts, ‘underoos’… you name it, they’ll take it!

    If you have not made it to Legends, then you are missing out on superb food and an excellent place to spend time with great company. Two great weekly events at the burger house are Jam Nite on Tuesdays where they invite musicians to just plug in and play – a great night to enjoy good food, awesome music and great company. There is also Poker Nite on Thursdays where the best of the best play tournament style and battle it out week in and week out.

    Legends Burger House is located only ¼ mile north of the bridge and is open Tue.-Sat. from 12noon to 10pm, Sun. from 12noon to 6pm and closed on Mondays. For more information contact 226-2113 or log on to

   Oh, one final comment. Dorian’s Angels enjoyed this culinary experience and once the Angels recommend it, You Know It’s Gotta Be Good!

Legends Burger HouseDorian's Angels at Legends Burger HouseDorian's Angels at Legends Burger HouseDorian's Angels at Legends Burger HouseDorian's Angels at Legends Burger HouseDorian's Angels at Legends Burger HouseDorian's Angels at Legends Burger HouseDorian's Angels at Legends Burger HouseDorian's Angels at Legends Burger HouseDorian's Angels at Legends Burger HouseDorian's Angels at Legends Burger HouseDorian's Angels at Legends Burger HouseDorian's Angels at Legends Burger House

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