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Sol Spa – Spirit. Mind. Body Retreat

-by Sofia Muñoz
Dorian’s Angels are hard working girls and even though most people say “I want your job, because all you do is have fun”, it’s not always so! Yes, we do go out and have fun and enjoy every single outing we have, but after that we head back to the office to work. Relaxing is not always on our schedule but that’s exactly what we did this time around as we were invited to relax our body, mind and spirit and enjoy a day of pampering at one of San Pedro’s top spa’s – Sol Spa!

Our relaxing and rejuvenating experience began from the moment we set foot at Sol Spa, as the tranquil environment and décor just makes you go “AHHH!!” Carrie Stuart, Co-founder and owner of Sol Spa, greeted us at the front desk and explained to us the “special” treatments each of us would receive.

Delsie’s Mayan Goddess Treatment!
Delsie’s treatment included the Mayan Goddess – Ixchel Cleansing Sol Soak and the Maya Abdominal Massage. Delsie was immersed in a bath in the Air Massage Bathtub which had fresh hibiscus flowers and oil, rosemary oil, basil essential oil, fresh ginger and Epsom salt base. After her cleansing bath, Delsie was given a one of a kind Maya Abdominal Massage by Carrie.

For the detoxifying massage, Carrie used a coconut oil to massage Delsie from head to toe. The massage is known by a few therapists and the treatment modality incorporates a holistic approach to health care which includes massage, anatomy and physiology, herbology, nutrition, and emotional and spiritual healing.

 “As a woman who experiences hard times during my menstrual cycle, this massage was perfect.  I had a wonderful time and I felt like I was in heaven.  Carrie is the best; she knows how to make you feel relaxed.  I highly recommend women who suffer like me to go to Sol Spa and do this massage, I can now say that “I Suffered Menstrual Cramps” but not anymore, thanks to Sol Spa.  Thank you very much Carrie and I for sure will be back.” – Angel Delsie.

Carrie learned the Maya Abdominal Massage from its founder, Dr. Rosita Arvigo. The massage technique seeks to restore the body to its natural balance. It has many health benefits for both men and women. For Women:  Displaced or prolapsed uterus and or bladder, painful periods, irregular menstrual cycles, miscarriages/difficult pregnancies, enhances pregnancy, aids in labor and delivery. For Men: Early stages of prostate swelling, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), Prostatitis (mild), Impotence, Erectile Dysfunction (depending on cause). And in general it is good for headaches/migraines, digestive disorders, chronic constipation, low backache and much more.

Delsie’s Mayan Goddess Treatment!Delsie’s Mayan Goddess Treatment!Delsie’s Mayan Goddess Treatment!Delsie’s Mayan Goddess Treatment!Delsie’s Mayan Goddess Treatment!Delsie’s Mayan Goddess Treatment!Delsie’s Mayan Goddess Treatment!Delsie’s Mayan Goddess Treatment!

Sofie’s Sugar and Spice Glo!
What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice and everything nice! – For my session, Heather Keeler was my massage therapist. As I entered the room, I knew my experience would be relaxing and rejuvenating, with mood lighting and inspiring music I was ready for my body work.

Heather first started off by giving me a therapeutic massage; using coconut oil she gave me a full body massage using just enough pressure especially in those tense parts of my body. Boy was this massage the perfect one for me! But that was not all for me, I also given a Sugar and Spice Glo!

The Sugar and Spice Glo scrub is made with sugar – helps nourish and exfoliate without over-doing it on dry and sensitive skin. The three spices used are cinnamon, clove, and anise. They are all excellent for stimulating the circulatory system while helping the body eliminate toxins on a deep level. It includes lemon grass and vanilla essence, all of this combined to make the perfect concoction for a great scrub which leaves you skin, radiant and glowing! Two Thumbs up for this treatment and to the skilled therapist on my behalf!

Sofie’s Sugar and Spice Glo!Sofie’s Sugar and Spice Glo!Sofie’s Sugar and Spice Glo!Sofie’s Sugar and Spice Glo!

Perlita’s Brighten-Up Facial and Manicure!
I believe I have mentioned several times that Perlita’s is not that fond of doing girly things, like going shopping and getting her nails and hair done. She is a more down to earth girl in touch with nature and very artistic woman. But with two crazy co-workers such as Delsie and me, she has to give-in at times and go with the flow! LOL!

Perlita is all about skincare as she has very sensitive skin and she was at the right place with the right therapist! At Sol Spa only organic and active facial products are used for you to receive an excellent skincare facial. Carrie gave her a “Brighten Up” facial, which started off with placing steam directly on Pearls face, while using Vitamin C for a hydrating gentle cleanse. She was then given a gentle massage with a cherry jubilee enzyme and a milk/mint chocolate mask. To end the facial, a moisturizer with sun block was placed on her face to give Pearl a “Brightened up” look.

Angie then gave Pearl a fabulous manicure and painted her nails with “Chihuaha Bites” nail enamel which was somewhat of a bright pink, leaving Pearl finger nails looking bright and pretty!

“I wanted an extra hour on the massage table – that’s how relaxed and comfortable I felt while I received my treatment. Carrie is a true professional and I was more than satisfied with the great work she did!” – Angel Perlita.

Perlita’s Brighten-Up Facial and Manicure!Perlita’s Brighten-Up Facial and Manicure!Perlita’s Brighten-Up Facial and Manicure!Perlita’s Brighten-Up Facial and Manicure!Perlita’s Brighten-Up Facial and Manicure!

These were only a few of the treatments that Sol Spa has to offer, Carrie, Heather and Angie make it a priority that you enjoy your treatment at Sol Spa from the moment you step foot at the establishment, while your receiving your treatment of choice and leave you feeling pampered and beautiful.

So whether your vacationing in San Pedro and are looking for a Spa to be pampered, have a fun/relaxing girls outing, or on your honeymoon with your special someone, make sure you visit Sol Spa. Gift Certificates are also available, so if you want to treat someone to a Sol Treatment for a birthday, anniversary, valentine’s or any special occasion be sure to make Sol Spa your first priority.

Sol Spa is a relaxing, artful space, inspired by the sun on Ambergris Caye, Belize and has been operating since 2002. They have certified US therapists and work with what best for you in mind. The Angels give Sol Spa “6 thumbs up” and a big thank you to Carrie, Heather and Angie! We enjoyed our treatments and definitely recommend Sol Spa!
Sol Spa – Spirit. Mind. Body RetreatSol Spa – Spirit. Mind. Body RetreatSol Spa – Spirit. Mind. Body RetreatSol Spa – Spirit. Mind. Body Retreat

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