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Favorite Angels Adventures – Part One

One of the very first adventures of Dorian’s Angels was in 2007 when we got the opportunity to join the working crew of the Belize Electricity Limited on their newly acquired utility truck (bucket truck). Angel Perlita Zapata, Angel Melody Wolfe and Angel Sofia Muñoz rode on the new truck and witnessed firsthand as the BEL crew worked on an emergency operation.

Angel Sofie and Angel Melody on the BEL Bucket Truck

Angel Sofie got strapped in safety gear, hopped on the bucket truck and was risen 45 feet above ground. And so the adventures of Dorian’s Angels began! The Angels have enjoyed every single outing and adventure they have experienced and must say “THANK YOU” to all who have hosted us. Here are a few adventures which we have enjoyed the most!

San Pedro Fire Station

Perlita, Sofie and Scarleth at the San Pedro Fire Station

After having made a kind donation of a computer monitor to the San Pedro Fire Department back in February 2009, as an act of gratitude Mr. Jerome Garcia, Fire Chief of the San Pedro Fire Department took the Angels for a ride around town in the fire truck. What a thrill it was!!!

Angels presenting computer monitor to Fire Chief Jermoe GarciaPerlita, Sofie and Scarleth at the San Pedro Fire StationAngels ready for their ride on the Fire TruckAngels are taken for a ride on the fire truckDorian's Angels with members of the San Pedro Fire Department


Annie’s Pastries

Scarleth on the delivery tricycle of Annies Pastries.

One thing in common that all the Angels share is having a sweet tooth. At Annie’s Pastries we enjoyed cake decorating and making the irresistible “boquitas” that we all enjoy – chicken puffs, sausage rolls, stuffed jalapeños and more. It was much fun seeing Angel Scarleth ride the delivery tricycle and set out to sell the delicious mouth-watering munchies and Angel Perlita running behind to catch up! Much Fun!!

Sofie airbrushing a butterfly on the cake.Angel Sofie, Mrs. Annie Nuñez, Angel Scarleth and Angel Perlita.The Angels had to take a bite of the cake!Angel Sofie taking out the delicious cinnamon rolls from the oven.Angel Perlita packing the pastries in trays to be sold on the delivery tricycle.Scarleth heads out to deliver and Perlita runs after to catch up.

Pampered Paws

Sofie, Perlita and Delsie having fun with the doggie treats!

The Angels hard at work at Pampered Paws, San Pedro’s best pet grooming center. Angel Delsie, Perlita and Sofie helped in giving dogs baths, have them well groomed and taking them out for a walk. Katia Marin, professional dog trainer/shop owner, was more than pleased to have the Angels help out for a day.

Delsie give a dog a bath!Perlita enjoyed grooming Lala.Perlita training Lenox to stay and sit.Delsie and Sofie with Lenox and MuttleyOut for a walk - Perlita with Hamisha nd Bigs, Delsie with Lenox and Sofie with Muttley.Delsie having too much fun! lol!Time for some treats!The Angels with Dave of Pampered Paws ready to take the dogs for a walk!


A Rainbow of Happiness at Comex!

A rainbow of happiness at Comex. The Angels visited the only place in town that deals with only colors and paints – Comex! With a wide array of colors you can go crazy and find your favorite color at Comex! Angel Delsie and Sofie were allowed to spray paint the wall and marked “Ambergris Today”. I mean who on earth would let you graffiti their wall???….No one else but our good friends at Comex.

Perlita getting her hands on some paint.Sofie making sure the paint is properly mixed.Delsie mixing up her favorite color at the Color Center computerized matching system.Comex has all the proper tools to get your paint job done.There is a wide array of colors. SOfie finding the perfect spray paint to graffiti the wall.Sofie spray painting the wall and marked "Ambergris Today". Dorian's Angels at Comex.

Reef Radio Karaoke

Judges at the 6th Annual Reef Radio Karaoke Competition.

Its karaoke time….No the Angels did not get the opportunity to sing their hearts out at Reef Radio’s Karaoke Competition but they were the special invited judges at the 6th Annual Competition. The Angels added their special touch to the competition as they took their own comment paddles to compliment the contestants and of course their bubbling personalities.

Judges at the 6th Annual Reef Radio Karaoke Competition.Judges at the 6th Annual Reef Radio Karaoke Competition.The Angels added their special touch to the competition with their own comment paddles.Dorian's Angels at Reef Radio's Karaoke Competition.

Bar 208

Gary Greif, The Angels and Kasey.

As much as we enjoyed this place it is sad to say it is no longer open for business. Nevertheless, we sure had a great time while it was operating and definitely makes our list as one of favorites adventures – Bar 208 at the Tropic Air Terminal Building. The Angels loved the modern and sophisticated look Bar 208 offered and of course the one of a kind drinks! How could the Angels not love Bar 208 when head bartender Gary prepared one of his signature shots – the “Sweet Angel”. He had not found a name yet for the shot until we arrived. So now Dorian’s Angels have a shot named after them. The shot is a mixture of Coconut rum, Midori melon Liqueur and Grenadine; boy was this good.

Gary and Sofie preparing a drink!Delsie pouring out the shots!!The Angels with the drink named after them "Sweet Angel".The Angel's at Bar 208More delicious drinks at Bar 208.Cheers!

Wallace Guitars

The Angels and their giant size "paper jamz"

The Angels enjoyed learning all about guitars with well known guitarist and luthier – Mr. Dale Wallace. Making a guitar from scratch to playing one was a great experience and lots of fun. Luckily for us Mr. Wallace was making some huge decoration guitars that we had much fun posing with them. Mr. Wallace even gave us a short serenade, what a delight!

Dale showing Delsie step by step how to go about making a guitar.Perlita paying close attention to how Dale works..These Angels cant keep still, always goofing around.Sofie that is not a hair brush! Dale showing Perlita his book of guitars.Delsie putting together a giant size guitar.Giant size guitars on display at Fido's.Angels Jammin at Fido's.


Rock in Peace – High School Band

Rocking in Peace!

It is said you leave the best for last and this is one adventure we loved the most… the Angels had an adrenaline rush as they went “Rocking” with Rock In Peace – San Pedro High School Band. Perlita rocked the drum set while Scarleth and Sofie sang and danced along with the band. We had so much fun and is one adventure we will never forget.

Perlita had a great time playing her favorite instrument - the drums!Guillermo giving some lessons to Sofie.Guillermo and Perlita on the drum set.Scarleth giving the drum set a try.William giving bass guitar lessons to Sofie.Scarleth singing away next to Rock in Peace Bass player - William.Derrick Baños, lead guitarist and Sofie.Rocking in Peace!

Keep an eye out for more of our favorite adventures to come! Remember if the angels recommend it, its gotta be good!!!

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