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Dorian’s Angels Sew What?

Sofa set needs re-uphostery? – Sew What! Boat Cushions need repair? – Sew What! Patio deck in need of shades? – Sew What! Worry no more, Sew What, is the place your looking for! Dorian’s Angels had to wonderful opportunity to sew up a few things with Ms. Kate Vincent of Sew What!

Kate welcomed us to her workshop and introduced us to her friendly workers, Letty Hernandez and Sabina Ack, both of whom were pleased to be our teachers for the day. Letty and Sabina were busy working on an re-upholstery of a sofa set and Perlita wasted no time in helping Letty place the new covers.

Under the supervision of Kate the Angels were given the opportunity to make their own pillows. There are many fabrics and patterns to choose from and Kate was more than happy to lend us a helping hand and showing us the fabrics and explaining to us the quality of each type of fabric.

After having chosen our fabric we got to measuring and cutting our fabric and off to sew up our pillow covers. Letty and Sabina were very helpful and showed us step by step on how to use their machines and made sure we were doing things properly. Who would have thought the Angels would be sewing? LOL! That is the great part of our job, we experience just about everything. We actually did pretty well for our first sewing attempt and proud to have made our own beautiful, not to mention extra soft pillows.

Sew What! Is all about custom fabrication including interior furnishings, casual furniture cushions, boat cushions and canvas work, re-upholstery, outdoor deck weather shades, roller shades, golf cart covers (for rainy season), beach/lounge chair cushions and much more.

You can choose from a fabric they have in stock or bring your own. Whatever the job is, be it a replacement cushion, custom-made furniture or re-upholstery, the girls at Sew What can get the job done professionally.

Sew What has been in business for over eight years and is showing much growth. At Sew What you can find quality fabrics such as Sunbrella which is the perfect fabric for our type of environment on la Isla Bonita. The fabric won’t fade in the sun and is resistant to stains, water and mildew. They even have in stock Marine Sunbrella for boats, awnings and outdoor furniture.

For more information on the great professional work that is carried out at Sew What, or for an estimate on a job, contact Kate Vincent at 226-4255 or email: Opening Hours are 8:00 a.m. to 12 noon and 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Saturday. And remember if the Angels recommend it, It’s Gotta be GOOD!!!!

Kate showing Perlita the different tyes of fabric for her pillow.Perlita measuting out her fabric.Letty Hernandez showing Perlita how to use the sewing machine.Perlita sewing up her pillow case.Dorian’s Angels Sew What?Dorian’s Angels Sew What?Pillow almost done!Sofie measuring some fabrics.First we measure then we cut!Sofie paying close attention to what Kate is showing her.Sofie cutting up her fabric with a hot knife.Dorian’s Angels Sew What?Sofie sewing on the zipper to her pillow case.Dorian’s Angels Sew What?No Sofie, thats not cotton candy! LOLPillow almost done!Sofie with the final products.The Angels with their extra soft pillows!The Angels and the ladies at Sew What hard at work!Perlita re-upholstering a sofa set.Perlita re-upholstering a sofa set.Perlita re-upholstering a sofa set with Letty.The finished product!Sofie trying the newly upholstered sofa set with her new soft pillow.Chair and pillows were so comfortable, Sofie just dozed off!Perlits looking through all the samples of fabric.Dorian's Angels Sew What?There are all sorts of fabrics in different colors, textures and patterns.Dorian's Angels Sew What?There are all sorts of fabrics in different colors, textures and patterns.Dorian's Angels Sew What?Perlita with a re-upholstered chair.Dorian's Angels with the Kate, Sabina and Letty.Sew What, located on Angel Coral Street next to Caye Supplies.

Want to have the Angels feature your business? Call 226-3462 or email for more information.

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