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Experiencing the “Hands on Healing” of Reiki

Dorian’s Angels are always up for the challenge to do anything adventurous, fun and exciting. We are always glad to go to new stores and businesses and check out what’s new in town. We are also glad to try delicious food, have hands-on experience on anything and getting pampered at salons and spas. This past week we were introduced to a technique for stress reduction and relaxation – Reiki.

Our Reiki practitioner – Pam Burton, offered the Angels an experience of the ultimate power of “hands on healing” therapy. We were very excited to try out this form of treatment as we had never heard of it; and to be honest, we were a bit curious as to what we would experience.

Once on the massage table, my instructions were to close my eyes and relax. After a few deep breaths Pam, Reiki practitioner, commenced our session. As this is a non-touching technique; Pam never placed her hands on me; her hands are held a few centimeters away from my body. She started by placing her hands above my head (The Crown Chakra). I could feel a warm and tingling sensation as she made her way throughout my body, taking about five minutes in a position before moving to another.

Even though I could feel the warmth and tingling in different areas of my body, I can say I was in a total state of calmness. It was as if I was floating in mid air and feeling calm in deep state of relaxation. Both Angel Perlita and I agreed to the fact that it was a very relaxing session and would recommend it to anyone willing to try it.

Now you might ask yourself what is Reiki? Or what benefits does it have on me? Well let me explain to you a bit what it is about.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki uses neutral, concentrated cosmic energy (Universal Life Force) to balance body mind and spirit. It is powerful, but safe and relaxing body work which allows the life force to flow to blocked areas and charge them with positive energy.

Reiki is spiritual but not a belief or religion and whether or not you believe in it or not it still works! It promotes total well-being. Reiki is said to have many health benefits including pain relief, aids better sleep, supports immune system, among other things but most importantly helps spiritual growth and emotional clearing.

Reiki sessions are currently being offered at CG Esthetics on Coconut Drive. Pam Burton, Reiki Master, will also be offering classes for anyone wishing to learn the art of Reiki in 2013. For more information on being a part of the classes contact Pam Burton at 623-3532. Or to receive a session of Reiki, make your appointments at CG Esthetics at 626-2154. And Remember if the Angels recommend it, it’s Gotta be good! – By Sofia Muñoz

Reiki Treatments at CG EstheticsReiki Treatments at CG EstheticsReiki Treatments at CG EstheticsReiki Treatments at CG EstheticsReiki Treatments at CG EstheticsReiki Treatments at CG EstheticsReiki Treatments at CG EstheticsReiki Treatments at CG Esthetics

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