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Who Am I?

If someone were to ask you “Who are you?” what would you respond? Will you give your name or the position you hold like, “I am the Mayor, or the secretary or I am the owner of this business?” Or will you give your address, or description of yourself or your most appealing qualities? Perhaps if you ask me right now I would say that I am the Editor of this newspaper if at that moment the newspaper has something to boast of, which is usually the case. But that scenario could change. The truth is that this question has an infinite number of answers- those that are most important to you. Or it could have a single answer.

We are constantly changing entities responding to the different forces around us. We are never the same from one moment to the next. We have varying moods to our personalities. Let me break it down a bit more. You are a person who is ever changing and responding to your environment. At any given time you could be the happiest person on earth because of certain circumstances around you that make you happy, and that is who you are at that precise moment. However at another given moment you are the angriest person you can imagine because circumstances in your environment make you angry. So who are you?

At times you are a mean person and then a very generous one. At times you are proud of yourself and at times, unfortunately, your self esteem can go rock bottom low. Today you can be a very successful magnate, entrepreneur or businessman, and tomorrow you can be an inmate in Her Majesty’s Prison or to make it simple a prisoner in jail. At this very moment you can be a manager and tomorrow you ca be unemployed. So who are you? Can you answer that you are the chairman of this prestigious institution? No. You are an individual who happens to occupy that post because tomorrow you might not. It is not quite right to say, “I am the most important person in this organization because tomorrow you can be someone else- perhaps a culprit of some crime. Got the point?

I am the healthiest person in this place is not quite the right thing to say who you are because tomorrow you can be infected with HIV or be suffering of AIDS. And this is a common scenario- someone says he is rich and tomorrow he is bankrupt or a pauper. So who am I? I am many of these appealing qualities. But the real answer is that you are an entity or person that is ever changing responding to different forces around you. That is who you are and hopefully you will be on the positive side of things most of the time as you course through this ever changing world. Hey folks, from us to you, try to discover who you are. It is important who you are. And remember that since you, me, all of us are a product of the environment, then choose your environment carefully. Choose those things that will keep you positive. Don’t rely on destiny. You choose your destiny. You choose our environment and be who you want to be. Now gimme a five…now that you know who you are.

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