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Don't Complain

    You know, it must be a human thing to complain but when you come to think of it, it really doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense simply because it just doesn’t change things. The problem that you are complaining still remains there and if you are not careful it can even intensify if you become emotionally upset. We rather say, don’t complain. Look at the positive side of things.

There are many complaints about governments, taxes, services, decisions, injustices etc. The many complaints you hear about any government means that at least there is freedom of expression, so be happy that you are living in a democracy because in some countries you can’t even complain.

You can’t find a space to park your car during a busy hour. You drive around the block several times and still can’t find a parking spot. So you are just about to start complaining. But stop. Think. It means that at least you have a car. Think of the so many others who have to walk because they don’t have a car.

How many of you complain that you live in a noisy area of the town? Every night you are kept awake by the noise of people going about their normal activities. There is the noise of bars and the noise of traffic. You are awakened early in the morning by the hubbub of people that sound like a marketplace. The noise of the city can be annoying, but why complain? It only means that you can hear and you can thank God for giving you good ears.

The alarm clock wakes you up early in the morning, perhaps even earlier than you anticipated waking up? Why complain? It means that at least you are alive.

I have even seen or heard people complain of the tons of messages that they receive on Facebook.  Why complain. Be happy in knowing that at least there are many friends and people thinking of you.

Next time you complain that your wife prepared your coffee too hot, be happy that you have a wife. Any more complaints? Apply this great viewpoint in your daily lives. I guess by now you can take a positive look at “everything” like we do here at Ambergris Today, the news media with a positive attitude.

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