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Baby Daniel is Back With Us

Baby Daniel is back to the Island, the place that saw him born, and while doctors had given him only a few days more to live some time ago, Baby Daniel has defied all the earthly and proven all the Godly.  God says it in the Holy Bible (Matthew 7:7) “Ask and you shall receive; seek and you shall find; knock and the door will be open”

Indeed right after Baby Daniel was diagnosed with a non functional liver, right in his early life, his parents and family has been asking for help and through the miracle of God, they have received immense support from an entire community, the Town of San Pedro that adopted Baby Daniel as their very own. After a lot of fund raising events and after all those well wishes and promises of prayers, Baby Daniel was finally able to undergo a liver transplant and today he is back home, sound, healthy and most of all happy.

Before the successful operation, the family of Baby Daniel has been seeking for help everywhere and this included Belize, Mexico and the United States of America.  Finally, as if by Divine Providence, the seeking paid off when an opportunity arouse to have the surgery performed in Columbia, South America. Why Columbia?  Because the doctors in the United States kept firm to their extravagantly high price for their service rather than to their sworn oath to  save life first.

“Knock and the door will be opened.”  Indeed the Gonzalez family and the Estell Family have both knocked at every door available, and finally the door was open. A charitable messenger helped them get to Columbia, the doctors agreed to perform surgery for an affordable price, the dad volunteered part of his liver, and the rest is history.

It is also history that God is real and present in his life because everyone stood strong with their faith.  God has not turned his back on the family, an entire community that stood firmly in faith behind Baby Daniel and as much as it is real that the Savior Jesus Christ as born on December 25th, Baby Daniel is back today on December 19 to celebrate is first Christmas in San Pedro.

We welcome the “miracle baby” to San Pedro.

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