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Golf Carts In Central Park!?

Ever since Atlantic Bank purchased the empty lot where the old San Pedro Police Station was situated and golf carts started accessing the beach through it, Ambergris Today was on the tail of those motorists who insisted on driving their vehicles on the beach all the way from Playa Lounge up to Cholo’s Sports Bar.

The beach is not a road and we should all work on preserving our beautiful sandy areas. If we continue with this practice, then San Pedro will lose this precious commodity/luxury. We already lost our sandy streets to heavy traffic; we need to preserve our beaches.

With the help of the Town Council and traffic wardens, we put a stop to those who liked to ride in front of Central Park, but today I see another infraction to traffic laws. Some people have the audacity to ride their golf carts straight across Central Park to make it to the beach in front of Big Daddy’s.

There are children riding their bicycles, others playing on the park swings and residents enjoying the freeness of just relaxing at the park. How can someone just cut across Central Park with their golf cart is beyond me! The park is the one area that parents feel free to let their children run, ride and play without being concerned of traffic.

I don’t know if any of our Town Councilors or Traffic Wardens have seen this, but I have proof! They gain access into the park at three different locations – one by Friendship Park (by the RC Church), another by the small palapa and also at the southernmost end where Central Park borders the Atlantic Bank parking lot.

I urge the Town Council and Traffic Wardens to look into this matter and work on ways of creating obstacles that prevent motorist from driving into Central Park. Come on! This is absurd!

Golf Cart on Beach

Golf Cart on Beach

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