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Afternoon Cravings

One thing that is for sure in San Pedro is that you will never go hungry! It seems that eating is one of our favorite pastimes and what makes things easier is the all the restaurants, grills, delis and snack shops spread around every nook and cranny on the island. But probably one of THE BEST things about living in a small island community is all the street vendors who are walking around selling just about every snack imaginable.

Three o’clock in the afternoon comes along and you start craving an afternoon snack; your co-workers get a bit restless and get the urge of munching something sweet to get the body going again. In San Pedro, you need not go too far from where you are to find that special mid-afternoon snack you crave for. Just looking outside your window you may find the special street vendor with his special tray of sweet bread, fruit or super sweet treat. In fact, some come up to your door for that special delivery you like the most!

Street Treats
Scarleth stops a Mennonite to check out what he has for sale/ Annie’s Pastries mobile cart

Yes, they are everywhere and unlike living in the big city where you have to drive a few minutes to the store to pick something out, it’s so much easier and convenient here. There’s Virginia Wallace with that famous ceviches, cocktails and now fruit snacks and Annie’s Pastries has her mobile cart; when you hear that specific horn honking around the corner, you rush to your wallet and run down to the side of the street because you know you can get that delicious chicken puff, stuffed jalapeño pepper, sausage rolls and a variety of breads. Yeah!

Then there are those who sell the piñon, donuts, coconut tarts, coconut empanadas, fudge, brittle, raspado (sweet shaved ice) and so much more. Rosie Lara has those delicious treats just outside El Dorado Store: fish empanadas, pudding, cake, garnachas, sandwiches, fried chicken. While you know that Shelly Huber will have those fritters, chicken wings and stuffed jalapeño peppers.

How about fresh fruit? Yup! There’s plenty of that too; you don’t need to go to the fruit shop all the time. The Mennonites roll around their carts with the freshest fruits (CHEAPER) and there are mobile fruit stands at just about every neighborhood on the island.

GOSH I Love my Island Home!

Street Treats

The Cookie Lady sells her chocolate chip cookies and banana bread/Melina samples fresh-cut watermelons

Street Treats

Bananas by the beach

Street Treats

Breads, coconut tarts and more

Street Treats

‘El Bufo’ sells fruit by the street corner

Street Treats

Melina sells cakes and pastries

Street Treats

Shopping for produce streetside

Street Treats

Pineapples roll out onto the street

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