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Do You Tweet?

I created a Twitter account for Ambergris Today at the time when it started to become popular in the US. San Pedro had already started to get into Facebook and that was the talk of the town. “Do you have a Facebook account?” was always part of a normal conversation. But Twitter never really picked up for a while, mostly because it was more of a mobile app and Belize had not gotten into the whole smart phone thing.

But recently Twitter has been picking up and every day I see new followers on Ambergris Today Twitter Page. Smart phones are everywhere and more people are embracing the internet like never before. Facebook and Twitter and other social media have become such an asset to businesses all over and everybody is embracing it as a part of their marketing.


Updating Ambergris Today’s Twitter and Facebook page during the weekends at home

Follow us on Twitter & Facebook
Ambergris Today’s fan base on both Facebook and Twitter is growing. So now we are using Twitter to update our followers on what we are doing and posting news bits as they occur. We are giving our followers instant access to news that they can follow up the facts once the full story is published on our website. Facebook is allowing us to share our stories as they are posted on our website and our Email subscription sends out news updates daily directly to your email. Are you following us on social media? Don’t have a Facebook or Twitter! Then create an account and start following, because you are missing out!

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Ambergris Today Online Ratings Go UP!
According to Alexia Web Information Company, the estimated percentage of global internet users who visit in the past three months has gone up by 130%. I have to boast about that! This speaks wonders of our website that just went daily last year November. The number of unique visitors is steadily increasing, averaging at 16,500 per month right now (17,559 in May alone). Page views last month were 540,294 and our average hits per month have gone up to 3.8 Million!

Ambergris Today is always adding new material and looking at fun and exciting ways to deliver San Pedro and Belize to the world and even to our own country. In Belize, Alexia ranks Ambergris Today higher than most national newspapers’ websites and we are right behind Channel 5 News in ranking, which is a very popular and visited site in the country.

Our readers keep us going and we thank them for all the great success and great ratings that we are receiving thus far. It only looks better in the future. So follow us on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook. They are both great engines that help us deliver you the news and information and for you to become better informed and connected with Belize!

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