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Costa Maya Rivals Easter Weekend in San Pedro

If you were home locked up for the weekend and not enjoying the Costa Maya Festival in San Pedro you did not see the herds of people, I mean thousands, who invaded the Island just because of the lure of the festival. I believe that Costa Maya weekend was as good, or even better (more packed) than Easter weekend.

You see, no other season rivals Easter when it comes to tourist arrivals in San Pedro. The island is packed, there are no rooms available unless you made reservations way in advance, golf cart rentals run on empty and every business gets a happy piece of the pie. But this year the International Costa Maya Festival seemed to have been a bigger draw than Easter. You only had to look around to see so many people on the beach, riding on golf carts and enjoying the restaurants, gift shops and bars all over!

Marisela Fans flood festival grounds

Fans of Marisela flood the Festival Grounds on Saturday night

Pageant Night Costa Maya Festival

Miss Mexico had even her smallest fans cheering for her

This is where Costa Maya comes into place. It is around this time when everybody starts complaining about how slow the tourism season is. But over the years the Costa Maya Festival has been doing such a great job at getting international exposure for San Pedro and the biggest festival in the country.

Tourists come to experience the culture explosion that the festival highlights and a high number of locals flood from the mainland. But not all the local tourists come to attend the festival; they come to experience the energy and buzz that the festival heightens. Everybody is happy that the island is abuzz once again!

I read a recent blog entry in one of the newest blogs on the island that got me a bit upset. It said: “In case you are looking for something different and definitely cheaper to do for the Costa Maya weekend…for those who can’t afford the $100+ for the concert downtown.” The festival works so hard to bring top entertainment to the island for everybody to enjoy and the festival helps the community by packing this island to capacity. How can someone who says they are a part of the community discourage people from attending the festival? Yes the season pass is over $100 but it’s a great deal for a three day festival, considering how others pay up to four times more to see one artist for just a couple of hours and paying more for travel and lodging elsewhere. And I know not everybody can afford the festival, but come on!

What have YOU done for the Costa Maya Festival lately? The Costa Maya Festival brings the people to you, everybody who has a business. How come not everybody gives back to the festival? It is in everybody’s interest to keep the festival going every year so that these people keep flocking to the island and generating business for all. The festival struggles with sponsorship every year and it is the same group of loyal sponsors that keeps it going, but for how long? If the festival fails to get enough sponsorship it might have to cancel sometime soon. We don’t want that to happen.

Elvi's Kitchen host Costa Maya Contestants

Mrs. Elvia Staines hosted the pageant contestants to a fabulous Maya Buffet event. Elvi’s Kitchen has been a proud sponsor of the festival for years.

Costa Maya Beach Party

This man made a few bucks with some simple gambling at Central Park for the Costa Maya Beach Party

Costa Maya Beach Party

Rompe Raja band never fails to entertain at any event, ever for Costa Maya

Think about it. The Costa Maya helps the island business generate thousands of dollars. If you cannot support the festival by attending, then become a sponsor, donate some money, share a room or two for the performers, volunteer your time and help promote the festival. I see so many businesses that are not sponsors promoting their events with the Costa Maya name and logo. That’s wrong – the festival helps you out, so why not help the festival out next year. Think about it! How would your business stand this past week if it were not because of Costa Maya Fest? I’m just saying.

As part of the Costa Maya Festival Committee and proud sponsor I thank all this year’s sponsors and invite everybody to become a sponsor next year. Only we can make the festival the success it always is year after year. Here is the list of sponsors of this year.

Grand Sponsors
Belize Tourist Board
Bowen Group of Companies

Ambergris Today
Designing  Solutions
Jose Luis Zapata Photography (Official Photographer)
Ramon’s Village (Official Resort of La Reina de la Costa Maya Delegates)
San Pedro Town Council
San Pedro Sun
Caribbean Rum
Great Belize Production Channel Five
Reef Radio
Love FM
Kystal Shipping
Maya Island Air
San Pedro Belize Express
Tropic Air
Belize Border Management
Belize Airport Authority
Wine De Vine
Moncho’s Golf Car Rental
Polo’s Golf Cart Rental
Atlantic Bank Limited
CaribeÒa Enterprises
Radio Oye
Lady Katie Barge & Tug Service
Captain Shark
Hidden Treasures
Moondancer Boutique
Victoria House
Mata Chica Resort
Belize Bank
Hol Chan Marine Reserve
Seaduced by Belize
Premium Wines
Cholo’s Rentals
Amigos del Mar Dive Shop
Benny’s Home Center
First Caribbean International Bank
Refri-Tech Belize
Searious Adventures
Wally Electrical
Caye International Bank
Caye Casa
Heritage Bank
Portofino Resort
Lily’s Treasure Chest
Xanadu Resort
Island Gear
Castillo’s Hardware
Caye Caulker Village Council
Eddie Alamilla
Mata Rocks
Xtreme Geeks
Marina’s Store
Jan Brown
Ambergris Lakes Villas
Banana Beach Resort
Blue Tang Inn
Grand Colony
Holiday Hotel
Sun Breeze Hotel
Sun Breeze Suites
Martha’s Hotel
The Villas @ Banyan Bay
Victoria House
The Phoenix Resort
Las Terrazas Resort
Coronal del Mar Hotel
The Palms Ocean Front Suites
Royal Caribbean Hotel

El Patio Restaurants
Fido’s Courtyard
El Fogon Restaurant
Mickey’s Place
Elvi’s Restaurant
Pineapples Restaurant
Wild Mangoes
Capricorn Restaurant
Tackle Box

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