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Ambergris Today Online 1st Anniversary

Chatter on the blogs and message boards predicted a short run for Ambergris Today as we switched our services from a weekly news print to a daily online service with blog type articles of San Pedro, Belize and up to day news articles. Today is our one year anniversary of Ambergris Today Online and I am proud and happy to announce that we are stronger than ever.

They said the same thing to me when I started Ambergris Today Newspaper 12 years ago. Many were not giving me any chance of survival. “There is no space for two newspapers in San Pedro” I was told. But with a lot of hard work and dedication I was able to make a name for my business in no time and even bring it up to the status of other media outlets in the country that have much more seniority over my newspaper. And thanks to my readers and advertising supporters we managed to make it the best and most reliable newspaper in San Pedro.

November of last year Ambergris Today made the giant leap; we “Went Green” by switching to a digital newspaper/online media. It’s the way of the future as even Belize is starting to embrace technology and investing their services and interests online. We are the only newspaper in the country to have fully integrated online with a dynamic website that has something for everybody.

Ambergris Today at Reef Radio Studios

                      Ambergris Today Staff at Reef Radio Morning Show with David Marin 2010 announcing New Website service

And on the day of our first online anniversary (12 years in business) we are proud to announce that we are still breaking records with traffic to our website. We are up to 6.4 Million Hits, over 37,000 Unique Visits, over 66,000 number of visits and almost 950,000 page views this past October. Our Facebook Page is doing just as fantastic; here are stats for last week alone:

Ambergris Today Facebook Stats

Yes we had to make some sacrifices with our move online, but now we are reaching a much broader international audience and helping put Belize in the international scene and promoting all things Belize to potential visitors, keeping Belizeans abroad informed about their country and keeping residents here informed on daily occurrences. Our readership in the US has doubled compared to Belizean followers but both USA and Belize dominate as the top countries reading Ambergris Today.

Everybody is still reading Ambergris Today and we are very happy to be providing this essential service for our country and we shall keep doing it with more passion and dedication for all of you to enjoy. If you are not taking advantage of our services by advertising with us, then you are missing out on a BIG piece of the traffic that is coming our way.

Thank you to all our readers, followers, advertisers and supporters. And thank you to my energetic staff as well.

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