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Top 5 Island Desserts in San Pedro, Belize

A while back I posted my Top 10 Island Dishes and it got me thinking off all the delicious desserts that went along with those fantastic meals. Needless to say, the island chefs are Sweet Genius in their own right! They are infused with tropical flavors from local fruits, nuts, berries and ingredients native to Belize. This list goes out to all those with a sweet tooth and a sucker for the dessert menu. Make sure you go out and try them out and let them know I sent you. Smile

Honorable Mention Wild Mango’s

Wild Mango's Coconut Tart

Three are so many great desserts out there and I only stuck to my Top 5, but I could not leave this one out. My honorable mention goes to Wild Mango’s Coconut Tart – I just love a good coconut dessert. The Coconut Tart with chocolate drizzle topped the desserts for me at Wild Mango’s. With its almond butter crust and fresh grated coconut, there was no turning back for me once I took the first spoonful. (Click Here for full Review)

5. Aji Tapa Bar and Restaurant

Aji Tapa Bar and Restaurant - Chocolate Cake/Flan Combo

The Chocolate Cake/Flan Combo is superb. I had never seen it done, but they have managed to bake a rich flan on top of a chocolate cake. Very Nice! (Click Here for full Review)

4. La Palmilla Restaurant, Victoria House

Victoria House’s La Palmilla Restaurant The Molten Chocolate

This one goes out for all of you Choco-holics – you MUST ask for this signature dessert at Victoria House’s La Palmilla Restaurant. The Molten Chocolate is a flourless chocolate cake filled with melted chocolate served with ice cream and sliced bananas. It’s Sinful! (Click Here for full Review)

3. Red Ginger, The Phoenix Resort

Red Ginger’s Cinnamon Apple Cheese Cake

Cheese Cake is my passion when it comes for dessert or a birthday treat. I love all kinds of Cheese Cakes; my aunt Edna Marin makes one of my favorites. But when dinning out the best Cheese Cake out there is Red Ginger’s Cinnamon Apple Cheese Cake with Irish cream and caramel sauce; it will leave you speechless. GOOD! (Click Here for full Review)

2. Mambo Restaurant Mata Chica

Mambo Restaurant at Mata Chica - Pecan Pie

Dinner at Mambo is not complete without ending with a decadent dessert.  Topping my list of favorites is the uber-delicious Pecan Pie – warm, sweet and crunchy served with a rum caramel sauce. (Click Here for full Review)

1. Blue Water Grill

Blue Water Grill's Key Lime Pie

Look at the dessert menu of all restaurants on the island and you will find the Key Lime Pie. It’s the most popular dessert and tourists go gaga for it; and so do we at Ambergris Today. It is not to say that other Key Lime Pies on the island are not delicious, but we have to nominate Blue Water Grill’s Key Lime Pie as the BEST Key Lime Pie on the island, which puts it on the top of my Best Island Desserts in San Pedro, Belize. It deserves an award of its own, the best yet! (Click Here for full Review)

To eat or not eat? ..... TO EAT!!!

Photgraphs by Jose Luis Zapata Photography

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