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Central Park Turns to Street? Ridiculous!

Okay, I told myself that I would fight this until the end just like I did with traffic on the beach, as I find it absurd that our town officials allow this. I know that we do not have eyes on the back of our heads and that the Town Council is under staffed and cannot handle everything at once, but this one is too obvious even a blind man can see it.

The town clock is not even completed and this is happening with traffic – Lazy bums who do not take the detour are cutting into Central Park from the south end, driving through the park around the Daddy Rock/food vendors area and INTO Friendship Park in front of the RC Church and back out into front street. This is all to avoid taking the detour through back street. COME ON! This is RIDICULOUS!

Tell me that the Town Council does not see this and that the Traffic Department cannot do something about it. Yeah they might be busy and short staffed and miss seeing this one day, but how about the next day? I do not patrol the streets as much as they do and I have seen it done regularly.

I hope that the town officials are educated enough not to get upset with my rant, but do get up and address this issue. Block these access points at Central Park so that they cannot drive into the area. It’s Central Park for crying out loud! How can we, our children and tourist enjoy the little we have of the park with traffic cutting across constantly? This is not right, we cannot allow people to do as they please or else they will just start walking all over you (in this case ride through Central Park). No need for warnings, just ticket these inconsiderate people who are doing this.

Traffic is a mess, and to think that officials eventually want to close down Barrier Reef Drive (Front Street). It was a great idea at one time, but now that traffic is so absurd on this island, how can we think of closing down one of the only three streets in town? Parking is already atrocious, traffic is brutal and the authority working on fixing the problems needs to step up and address the issues at hand.

I ask of our town officials to look into this matter; Thank You in advance! πŸ™‚

Golf Cart riding through Central ParkGolf Cart riding through Central ParkGolf Cart riding through Central ParkGolf Cart riding through Central Park

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