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Dinner with a Road Warrior

I told Kristin about how Blue Water Grill has the best Key Lime Pie on the island, probably in the county, because I have yet to sample one that has surpassed theirs in taste and texture. Her eyes opened up with happiness, she was in for a treat; I know, I have been there! 🙂

I had the pleasure of having dinner with Kristin Simmons, Belize’s fourth Road Warrior with the Belize Tourism Board and MatadorU program, at the famous Blue Water Grill. I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know all the Road Warriors, except for one, the very first one; but I do keep in touch with her on Facebook. My experiences with all of them have been very pleasurable and enlightening. I have learned many things from them and enjoyed reading all of their posts about their Belize adventures.

Kristin is also a pastry chef back home in Maine and her background in being a foodie and writing landed her the spot as Belize’s fourth Road Warrior; and you guessed it, she is concentrating on writing about food in Belize. So the instant she invited me and photographer Jose Luis Zapata for dinner at Blue Water Grill, I had to tell her about THE BEST Key Lime Pie I have ever tasted. Her eyes brightened and almost rolled back into her head when she took the first bite. Laughing She agreed with me!

Blue Water Grill

But the pie is not all that is the best at Blue Water Grill, pretty much everything is amazing. The Restaurant of the Year 2009 boasts a great menu filled with seafood, pastas, refreshing cocktails and mouthwatering appetizers. They are also one of the handful of restaurants that serves sushi on the island. Try the Slow Tornado cocktail; it’s good!

Blue Water Grill

My favorite appetizer – Pan Fried Pot Stickers – once you start you can’t stop  (served with a sweet chili garlic sauce)

Blue Water Grill

Mongolian Pork  – thin sliced pork loin seared with garlic, spring onions, topped with fried rice noodles in a dark soy ginger sauce

Blue Water Grill

Grilled Shrimp in a Thai red curry and lemongrass sauce, served with steamed rice and veggie medley

Kristin Simmons has such a great bubbly personality and is very easy to get along with. I first met her during Prince Harry’s visit to Belize where we had a blast following HRH during his whirlwind tour. Then on a second occasion I bumped into Kristin at the Caracol Maya Ruins during the special camping trip that was held on site for the spring equinox/solstice. Again, we had a fantastic time touring the ruins at night and enjoying a traditional Maya buffet.

Kristin has been writing articles for MatadorU, the BTB and will also have pieces on Belize for the Seacoast newspapers back in Maine, USA. During her three month tour around Belize she has been updating her personal blog (Four Tickets Please) with wonderful pieces on Belizean food and cultural experiences. Please visit her blog and enjoy her fun and interesting articles; she should be updating her blog on her time in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye.

Belize Road Warrior MatadorU

Kristin Simmons and I inside tomb at Caracol Maya Ruin

Belize Road Warrior MatadorU

Kristin Simmons and Jose Luis Zapata scale the Maya Ruins at Caracol

Kristin Simmons
Over the past 14 years, Simmons has worked in her home state of Maryland as a baker and pastry chef and has travelled world-wide, living in both Puebla and DF in Mexico, as well as in Florence Italy studying linguistics, art, and culinary traditions. She and her family settled in Maine in 2003, opening their own business in 2008.

She writes as a columnist for Seacoast newspapers and chronicles the food scene of Southern Maine. Simmons is firmly rooted in the belief that “food is better when you know where it’s coming from. Food is the great connector, bringing together all walks of life and personalities.”

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