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Buenos Dias San Pedro

The sun peeks through the white-chalked horizon that is continuously erased and drawn
The first frigate bird sails majestically in the sky where no kite can ever reach it
Just a black grain in the sky.

The roar of the reef complements the sound of the waves breaking on the beach
The crabs play the game of “tag” with the waves
that try to crawl their way up the beach.

The pier as their launching pads
the pelicans stake off and glide inches from the water’s surface.
The fish swim deeper as they see the deadly shadows hover above.

The gulls scream at the rising sun
Whose rays pierce the only cloud in the sky that is trying to eclipse it.

Now the cool and gentle trade winds
Coming from the warm waters of the Caribbean breeze over shore
Caressing her long, thick, black hair
Standing on the beach front seeing her love set off to sea.

The sun starts to smile even more
As the sky brightens up with transparency
Giving welcome to another day
Buenos Dias to La Isla Bonita, San Pedro

– by Dorian Nuñez

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