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How I Got My Butt Kicked by Seven Tough Ladies

The days of the Jane Fonda workout are long gone and I discovered that the hard way as I found myself extremely sore from head to toe for about four days with very limited use of my legs and all because I had to open my big mouth.

Every week from Monday to Thursday, I greet the ladies at Train Station Fitness Center as they head up to the second floor for aerobics class. And the other day I shared this video on Facebook mocking them a little bit on how easy their workouts are, as compared to the heavy weightlifting that takes place on the first floor.

So they challenged me to workout with them during one of their session so I really know what they do; I said “Yeah, one day I’ll go!” But last week they called my bluff and I could not back down from their challenge after being called chicken – that I’m not. LOL! I agreed kinda knowing what I had gotten myself into…

So I went up to take the aerobics class expecting this…

Aerobics Class at Train Station Fitness Center

…and ended up getting this:

Aerobics Class at Train Station Fitness Center

The girly aerobics class of leg warmers, one pound weights and easy step up routines are gone – replaced with an intense fat burning, leg trembling, shoulder pressing, kickboxing, shirt drenching and tongue hanging workout that kick your butt in shape. I’m used to the heavy weight routines but this class had me moving in ways that I have never imagined I could and that is what got me so sore that I could not get my legs to function properly for at least three days.

I knew the girls did one hell of a workout; they are very dedicated and make it to the class every day on time. I have to say that I kept on hearing all the screaming and shouting by trainer Lisa and secretly wanted to take a peek at what S&M action was going on there (LOL/JK). But seriously, you have to be a masochist to take on the challenge, it is not easy. No one ever said staying in shape is easy; the gratification of it all is knowing that you are keeping healthy, staying in shape and looking and feeling good.

Keep it up girls – you all look great. I shall be joining you all again, becoming a masochist, I believe. Jajajaja! Oh, and no offense to Jane Fonda – she looked great and kicked butt in her time. 🙂 Shout out to all those who workout at Train Station and I invite everybody to join the fitness center and “Commit to be Fit”!

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